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Cindy & Marvin

Oh my goodness! I am in awe and speechless. YOU ARE ONE TALENTED WOMAN! (<- This would've been in bold font if phones have that capability haha) These images are beautiful! I don't remember how Donna, my MOH, found you (it was on someone's blog that's all I remembered haha) two years ago, but oh i am so glad she did. Ever since then I have virtually stalked your work and my love grew as I watched your skills get more awesome with each client's work. Your creativity and passion for this career shows. And the way you put your clients at ease and your great personality, it's not a trait most photographers have. As i have met and watched other photographers in weddings where I have helped out the bride, they just don't have the charisma that you do. (scroll down)

You are truly a fantastic photographer.

Ok enough gushing for now, I'll save it for the review on fb. Hahahha. But from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU for everything! Your fantastic skills, beautiful and fun personality and especially your calming sense to keep me from going crazy that day! And thank you for the beautiful gift! We love it!

Now I'm never going to stop talking about you when it comes to the photographer topic. Hahahaha!





kind words,