A brand new product offer for 2019. For a limited time, a complimentary family film will be created during your session. 

The purpose of a family film is to document your family as they are now. It's completely unscripted so please let go of all preconceived notions. Your family film will be unique because your family is unique and it is ever-changing. Because audio is an important component of family films, I cannot direct or interact with you during the filming of these films as no one wants to hear my voice in their keepsake video. So plan an activity, prompt your children with thoughtful questions, and just see what unfolds.

These will be included for at home lifestyle sessions complimentary for a limited time only. Baby 1 year package babies can expect to be guaranteed family films throughout the duration of their package.

BOSTON family filmmaker

new for a limited time only

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01. urban sample

mixture of photography + film in an urban setting

02. at home sample

session dedicated to film creation at home

03. baby 1 year petite milestone add-on film

session focus on film creation at home as an add-on petite session to a baby 1 year package. capture your baby in motion during those precious first months.

04. mini film with photography focus

session focus on photography with a shorter amount of time dedicated to creation of mini family film

05. newborn film

created during a newborn session / baby 1 year package

05. testimonials

Bella is an accomplished photographer who always manages to capture an amazing breadth of images! The balance she achieves between posed shots and action photos is always impressive. She has an eye for
finding the "real" in every moment. There is nothing better than looking at a photo and seeing your child's  personality preserved so beautifully!

Bella is also an incredibly talented videographer. Her recent video snippets of our last session were such a  lovely addition. Sometimes the best way to capture a rambunctious four year old is in motion, and Bella has  the skills to accomplish that difficult task.

"This is our second go around with Bella and we're thrilled with her photos once again. She rolled with us and the level of energy that our child brought to the table. Bella also has an amazing ability to break an initially shy kid out of her shell. She's very detailed, creative, and has a great eye. The level of care that she puts into your post-production package is great. We cherish her work. Thank you, Bella!"

- Tricia, mom of Billie

"Every year I have Bella take photos of our family for our holiday card. Every year they turn our gorgeously. She is very good at keeping on going even when you have typical family chaos and capturing my kids personalities without it looking too posed or saccharine. If you have ever been to a typical photo studio for family photos you will very much appreciate how much less stressful it is having someone come to your home. Another great feature is that you get all the photos from the shoot for a fixed fee. It was this pricing scheme which initially attracted me to use Bella and I very much hope she keeps the same pricing scheme forever!"

-Catherine, mom of 4


Q: How many minutes should I expect?
A: Because your family is unique, your family film will be unique. It depends on the activity, moments created as well as the amount of time dedicated to film instead of photography. Roughly 10 minutes of footage captured results in 1 minute of your family film due to the editing process.

Q: how long will these films be included in your rate?
A: Currently they are being offered as a complimentary add-on as I build my portfolio. Baby 1 year package babies can expect a family film with each one of their sessions for the duration of their package - they will be grandfathered in.

Q: Can I do a posed portrait session, numerous locations and a family film at the same session?
A: Due to the nature of family films, a focus is required to make the film cohesive. I'm less mobile while shooting film and while juggling many hats, being a director takes a backseat for sessions involving babies older than 1 year. I can still direct when they are little, but expect that toddlers will be allowed to run wild because there is no directing a toddler! So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Do understand there are trade-offs as when I am capturing film, I cannot create images and vice versa. 

Q: How long will these sessions be?
A: For the add-on product I will require a dedicated minimum of 20 minutes to create a family mini film. The more time I am allotted for filmmaking, the longer your family film will be. Currently family film sessions need to be 1.5-2 hours in length. Please note the family film may increase the delivery turnaround of your package by a week.

Q: I have additional questions. Help? 
A: Here to answer them! Just send me an email via my contact form. I have a magazine explaining my style and my films that goes into further detail.


Simple all-inclusive pricing is what I'm all about. I want to show real families + real lives. Helpt other families envision themselves in a session with me and digital images will be included complimentary in your session. Please see my about page for why I value a constantly updated portfolio. I totally respect the need for privacy too and it is available as an add-on. Please see pricing for details.

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Currently booking May and June sessions. Newborns booking through to August.

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