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You will know if you'll have to have me or not after watching my portfolio video.

Weddings can be as complicated as you want them to be, or as relaxed and free flowing as you desire them to be. After contracts and details are all settled, I send all of my couples a timeline questionnaire and planning magazine to help them plan their day. It'll give you a lot of suggestions on how a day would typically flow, as well as advice on schedules and how long you should expect activities to take. The sky is the limit when planning your day. I'm game for anything you have planned. I want you to be relaxed knowing you will be well taken care of. 

step 4
planning the best day

Show up on your wedding day knowing that all that truly matters is that you're about to marry your best friend in front of the people who mean the most to you. Nothing else matters. At the end of the day, the cake will be eaten, the Champagne will be spilled and your hair will be messy from all of the dancing. You won't care that your dress is dirty from walking down the aisle. In fact you'll be happy to know that you guys have taken that next step and your dress will now tell that story. Every little thing that happens during your wedding day will be a part of your story. It's my job to witness it and capture it in unexpected ways, while preserving the honesty of those events. I will be by your side as dominantly or silently as you need. Every couple's needs are different and I am here to serve you. If you need help in poses, I will direct you. If you want me to act like a fly on the wall to photograph your day documentary-style, I will be the ninja you need. I will adapt my style to fit who you are. This will allow you to be authentically you which then allows me to do my best work. So marry your best friend your way. I'll just be along for the ride.

Within a week of your wedding you'll get some of my favourite images to share with your friends and family. Image teasers will go live on social media and you will get high resolution copies to use for Thank You cards to send to your guests. Once the entire gallery is done, you'll receive a password protected online gallery with high-resolution images. Feel free to share this with all of your friends so you can relive the day.  If you need help with an album, I'm here to provide that service. If you've got it covered, then please use your images to your heart's content!

step 7
share your images

step 6
marry your best friend

Included in my larger wedding packages is a complimentary engagement session. This is a great way for us to get to know each other and build the bond of trust. This way, we will just fall into step on the big day. You'll know you can trust me and you'll get a sense of my style of directing as well as my image style. You'll see how you two will come alive in front of my lens and how I can consistently do this for all of my couples. Almost every bride has told me their partner isn't really into photos, or they're super awkward.  There's no such thing as awkward in front of my camera.  Read my reviews and see how much fun my couples have with me. I will empower you guys to be unapplogetically who you are. Be bold. Be playful. Be sexy. Be funny. Be you.

step 5
Pre-wedding photoshoot

Ask all the questions you need to. I am all about full disclosure and I want to share as much as I can. This is why you'll see so many samples of my work on my website and fuller galleries. I don't cherry pick weddings. I believe all couples have a unique love story and it's my job to capture it in all its glory.  I give 100% to all of my couples.  Whether you are having an intimate wedding just the two of you, or a full wedding with a reception of 400, I will tell the story of your day.  I am here to bring your wedding story to life.   If you love my style and are ready to commit, I have a few e-contracts to send your way. It goes into all the nitty-gritty details about what you should expect as well as what you'll get as a final product. Once you're ready to sign, you just have to do it over email and send in the retainer.  If you book me within 7 days of reaching out, you'll get a complimentary engagement session. That's it.

step 3
decide if i'm the one

The more I know about you two, the better I can serve you guys on your wedding day and also when planning your engagement photos. Tell me about how you guys met. What did you guys bond over? Any hobbies? Tell me what attracted you to each other. I will ask this on your inquiry form because it'll help me get to know you guys. Let me be your guide by sharing a bit about yourselves.

step 2 
tell me your story

step 1
watch my portfolio video

how it works

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As an award-winning and magazine published photographer, I bring years of experience to your day. Don't just take my word for it. Just browse any review site and you can see glowing posts from my many ecstatic clients. Pricing starts at $2000.

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People always tell me they're awkward in front of the camera. If you take a look at my images, you'll see that my couples all look like absolute naturals. It's my job to make you feel comfortable and as a result feel comfortable. I always tell everyone that we aren't supermodels.  It's 100% ok to be shy.  No one is saying you need to be someone you're not.  I am just giving you permission to be yourself. Sometimes we need coaching and prompts to give us ideas to explore and play with. If you're naturals, I would just love to see you guys move and capture your unique way of expressing love. It's all about connection. Plus, your engagement session will help calm your nerves and you'll know how to pose and work your angles when the big day arrives.

Every day is unique because every couple has their own rhythm. I walk into every wedding with an expectation to be ready for anything. The experience I've gained over 8+ years of photographing weddings and families has made me very adaptable to many personalities and situations. If rain comes rolling in, I know how to work with off-camera flash for killer rain photos, or indoor photos if you don't want to head outdoors. I am not just an 'natural light' photographer because I have a solid understanding of flash and artificial lighting techniques. I am not a slave to 'perfect' weather and light. Your day is special because of the wind blowing through your hair and veil. If it storms, you'll always remember the rain coming down hard during your reception and I can capture that in a timeless image. You'll want to remember your sunset and my natural processing style will preserve that memory forever. I send out a questionnaire to my couples upon booking so that I will know what's important to you and I will ensure that I will focus on that when photographing your day. It's long but a very important part of planning your day. I want to make sure you have a photo with your grandmother if that's on your must-have list, a photo of your heirloom charm on your bouquet if that's something you've incorporated into the details of your day, or capture the dynamic energy of your dance floor if y'all know how to move. It's your day your way. I am always looking for new ways to see things. Let me be present to tell your story and to allow your personalities to shine through.

It's your day. If your priority is to dance the night away, or party with your friends, I will be there with you on the dance floor capturing that. If you want photos to be a priority of the day, I'll work with you before the wedding day and on the wedding day to make sure that happens without disrupting your party. By scheduling the timeline to accommodate photos during optimal times of the day (maybe with a first look,  pre-cocktail hour, or when everyone is having their salad at sunset), we can make your day flow your way. On the day of the wedding, I'll always be weighing the timeline with my photo ideas and give you the options so you can make an informed decision. Of course I want you to have epic wedding photos, but more importantly, I want you to enjoy your day.  If I have everyone's full commitment (heck the weather won't dampen my photos if you're game for running into the rain), I will make the absolute most of the time I am given. Since I have several years of experience, I know how to pick a spot in a few seconds. It's all about the light.  I know how to get you into the pose since we have had a dry-run with the engagement session. If you're game for epic photos and willing to give me the time, I can make it happen. It's all based on your needs and we'll work on the timeline that will best fulfill those needs. After being a professional photographer for so many years, I know when to step in when you need help, and when to step back when you needs space.  You can relax knowing you are in great hands. Just read all of my glowing reviews from past brides and grooms.

I provide 5 sneak peeks within 48 hours of your wedding day. These images will be shared on social media and emailed to you. This way you can share them immediately with friends and family.  Within 2 weeks, you will have a choice online gallery of 30 images. You can use these images right away to send out thank you cards. The full gallery will be edited about 8-10 weeks after your wedding day. I will update you by week 4 with a guaranteed delivery date.  I don't want to rush the processing because you will have these photos forever. I will do my best to make your experience an incredible one from beginning to end.

When I was planning my own wedding I was very sure I wanted to spend most of my wedding money on a photographer. Photos are very important to me. If you value photography, you will know that a luxury experience and product is an investment. The way I look at it is that after the cake is eaten, the dress is worn that one day, and my hair comes down at the end of the night, the only thing I'll have to keep besides my memories are the photos created on my wedding day. I treasure my wedding photos to this day and I haven't even thought of my wedding dress except that I wonder which Tupperware I stuffed it in in my parent's house. My wedding photos were 50% of my wedding budget (we were poor students when we got married and paid for our wedding ourselves) and I didn't blink an eye because my photographer was worth it.  I didn't have a $100,000 wedding (I wore running shoes, had cupcakes, my mom did my hair and I did my own makeup, my only flowers were my bouquet of 3 dozen roses and my only prop was a paper umbrella), but he photographed my day and made it look like a $100,000 wedding.  I am so proud that I chose him and thankful I can still look back at my images and not find them to have dated. Yes, I know we aren't the cheapest wedding photographers out there, but once you see our images you'll know we are worth it and have so much to offer you. You won't have to worry about your wedding photos because you know you'll be in great hands. We have incredible reviews and word of mouth referrals for a reason. I work hard so you don't have to.

Once the cake has been cut and the last song played, we'll be at home backing up your wedding day images. Within 48 hours of your day, a select 5 teasers will go live on social media so you can relive those moments again. Feel free to share with family and friends. Within 2 weeks of your wedding, a gallery of 30 choice images will be sent to you in high resolution for you to do with as you want. Print them, use them for thank you cards, blow them up on canvases, send them to your parents. The rest of your images will be done in about 2 months, sometimes sooner depending on the season. You'll get an update by week 4 with a delivery date somewhere around week 10. I don't pressure people on extra product sales and only here if you need me to put together an album or you want access to my professional print lab to order more prints. If you're ready to book within 7 days of reaching out you will also get a complimentary engagement session and 10 heirloom 4x6 prints with your engagement session and 30 heirloom 4x6 prints with your wedding delivery. Those are my gifts to you as thanks for knowing I'm the right photographer for you and for choosing me to be by your side on your big day.

You only have to decide if you want me there. Once you pick the date I'll confirm my availability with an online contract for the base package you're interested in.  My retainer no matter the package is $1600 to secure me and the date. You can decide on the package later if you aren't sure what you want or need. If you decide to upgrade that package, contract details will be updated and sent for your sign-off. That's it. I like to keep things simple if I can. I don't want to add stress to your wedding day. Most of my clients choose my Black Label package. If you decide you want us to stay longer on the wedding day, I just send an invoice for extra hours the week after. Otherwise, we'll leave as planned so we can immediately get to work on preserving your memories and getting you those first looks. If you love what I do and you have your wedding day picked, reach out to see if I'm available. I photograph each couple that books me as I do not farm out my services to associates or a team. What you see is what you get.

Your day matters. 
Preserve those memories. 

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you want to have a stress-free experience filled with laughter, fun times and direction (only if you need it)

you want a mix of epic, fun wedding photos and documentary style captures of your special day

you want a magazine published photographer that's loved and trusted by hundreds of past clients

you want a clean processing style that leaves colours true and as you intended

you value photography and want to be proud of your photos for years to come

you want to work with someone who is kind, honest and will listen to you

you want stories, connection and emotions

you want a photographer who can be flexible, patient and spontaneous to your day's needs

you want someone who knows to be at the right place at the right time

you want someone who knows when to be a fly on the wall

So choose us if:

- Anna and ron

Honestly, Bella Wang is a UNICORN!! The photos are just so creative and beautiful! Some of our favourite photos are of an ordinary background but Bella just frames it into something magical. We loved how she played with light and shade and just made us look so extra amazing (like a Wong Kar Wai movie, and we are not photogenic!). I also appreciated that she helps ‘edit’ our poses (reminding us to stand a little straighter, roll our shoulders back, chins up, etc). I can really see a difference in the output of the photos when I compare this to our wedding photos overseas and that really matters when you spend so much energy and your wedding budget that something little like this really enhances how the photos look. In saying that, the candid photos are also really beautiful too! On top of that, we were just so incredibly lucky that Bella and Ed are also the nicest people to work with, they are flexible and spontaneous (our wedding was in the winter, we wanted ‘urban’ photos in Chinatown which is usually crowded and chaotic but you can’t tell by looking at the photos!!). They were super patient as we took welcome photos with all our 200+ guests! Bella is also super prompt with her delivery dates and very responsive to emails. This was our second wedding with much less formalities (no ceremony, no wedding party) since we already had our first wedding overseas but the photos just gave our second wedding so much of its own unique character. We were going for a 1920s Shanghai vibe with a modern twist and she just really nailed the brief! Bella is one of a kind photographer and we honestly can’t say enough about how amazing she is! We’re so happy with our photos!!

one of a kind

- Holly and frankie

I highly recommend Bella! I had met her about 7 years ago at a first birthday party and liked her work but words can't express how amazing she is now. 7 years later she did my wedding and her photos left me speechless. We have so many amazing photos that we can relive for years to come. Bella captured every detail of our special day. Her pictures are absolutely stunning and I've had a few people ask if some are magazine covers because they look too good to be true. I couldn't have asked for anything more and I'm so grateful for Bella and making our day so wonderful. Thank you!

they look too good to be true

- patrick and kerri

Bella photographed both our engagement and wedding. We would recommend her for any type of project without hesitation. Her photos are incredible - she has a natural talent for finding unique angles and really knows how to use light to create the right atmosphere for a given photo. She suggested most of the locations and poses we used in our photos, and our favorites are ones we never could have thought up on our own. She also seems like she could work with a wide range of personalities, from more traditional (or boring) customers like ourselves to people who like wackier or more theatrical photos

without hesitation

- liz + Devin

When we got engaged in early 2017, we did not waste a minute before contacting Bella! Planning a wedding from NJ was difficult but Bella made it so easy. We knew immediately upon meeting her that we wanted to hire her for our wedding day. On your wedding day you definitely want a team of photographers that you feel totally comfortable around as you spend basically the whole day with them! Bella and her husband were amazing. Not only were our photos stunning but they made us feel comfortable being ourselves, which allows for the most natural photos. I would gladly work with Bella again when we start a family someday!

comfortable being ourselves

- amanda + Charlie

Bella helped make our wedding perfect and memorable, and also helped us have the most beautiful engagement photos. They are photos we’re going to have for the rest of our life, and we could not have asked for someone to do a better job. She was affordable, extremely professional, and went above and beyond what we expected. I highly recommend Bella, and we will be going back to her for any baby/family photos we get taken in the future!

went above and beyond