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Let's Create Something To Remember

The value is in the richness of your gallery: the unexpected, unscripted moments. It's in the tiny details you might have otherwise missed. It will be the unique way you express your affections for one another. For me, connection is paramount.

your family deserves to be celebrated

You've put in endless days and nights to make the family YOU are proud of

Every year they grow bigger. Their personalities, their likes and their drive changes. How do you hold onto those memories? How do you bottle up all of these emotions and milestones so that you can share them with your children when they grow up? How will you tell these stories to your grandchildren when you meet them? What will be in your family album?

How it works

pick your location

At home session? A favourite park you've discovered as a family? A cool family ritual? It doesn't have to be epic. I can just be the everyday.

reach out

Tell me your concept. We will talk about the timing that would best suit this location and figure out a good date.

start planning

Location inspires outfits. You can either complement or contrast the location of your choice. However, it has to be coherent and cohesive. No high heels and stockings at the beach!

your everyday is worth telling

Let's make this fun

Whoever said family sessions had to be stressful?

Stress comes from feeling frustrated, angry, or nervous. With my family sessions, everything is child-led. We enter without expectation and just see where they take us. There is no pressure on them to 'behave' or to sit there and 'pose'.  These lifestyle signature sessions are longer so you don't have to worry about having enough time if your child has a meltdown, or if you are running late. These sessions last about an hour and a half.

Eliminating these feelings of frustration and nervousness begins before I even click the shutter. I provide the tools and resources you need to get in the right mindset.   I leave room for you to breathe so you can just relax and enjoy this gift of time you have with your family. Just be you and leave the rest to me.

A family session doesn't have to be a huge production. It doesn't have to be contrived.  It's just time you spend together as a family. Don't make it into something scary.


life before photography was invented. 
and just do that.

Discover why 

There's a reason why people come back every year

"Bella is super friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable."

"She's prompt, professional and organized."

"She is great with children and a superb photographer. Cannot recommend her highly enough."

" I don't even live in Massachusetts anymore, but plan to have our photos taken by Bella this summer when we visit."

"Bella was able to make an otherwise uncomfortable situation (having my picture taken), not only comfortable, but really fun!"

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- Patricia, mom of 2

"[S]he really picked up on what might work with the girls' mood that morning, and what wasn't going to work."

I  am your               when you need

            , but back off when you've got things under                  .                 

behind the scenes




behind the scenes

I am a very honest person. This is me.  I am simple and practical.  This is how I dress for my family sessions because I want to be comfortable with getting on the ground, and in the water to get the images I'm proud of. This is a peek behind the scenes of two of my 2020 sessions. Please note that I will be masked for all of my sessions for the foreseeable future.

The Art of


Sample Gallery

Here is what your signature session might look like. Some back story about stress points and how this style of session fixed them:

- the boys were super great, but when you ask kids to smile, it becomes a 'cheese smile'. Not my style so we moved on when it was obvious that the kids needed some time to play and warm up to me

- Kids were obsessed with the plastic wrapped bales of hay. We let them play even though the mom was worried we spent 7 minutes here and she didn't want the whole session to be about the plastic hay.  I 100% get it. The boys got it out of their system and we moved on when they were done.  

- Each brother has a unique personality. Some were more shy than others. I let them evolve at their own pace.

- I adapt to the kids, not the other way around. Some of my favourite images came from their exploration and play without any prompts.  I compose based on what I'm given to work with. THIS is my style and philosophy at work.

- along the way we stopped and did some 'posed holiday card photos' at scenic locations. Each stop took less than 3 minutes. Snap. Move on before anyone gets bored. I create opportunities and space for these images to happen.  As you can see, by the end, I LOVED the family portrait on the rock wall the most because everyone feels at ease and is being themselves. THAT is the family posed photo I want. Not the one in the first 2 minutes.


Sample Gallery

Here is what your signature session might look like. Some back story about stress points and how this style of session fixed them:

- Baby girl was shy. She's 2, but incredibly bright and perceptive. I had to make her feel comfortable before she let down her guard.

- Mama is your typical perfectionist with the desire to always look at the camera! There was quite a bit of coaching before the session and then during to make sure she wasn't the only one smiling at the camera while everyone else was interacting. It's a big change from your standard family photo session! Lots of habits to break. The main thing is just to focus on your family and just keep playing. If I don't say anything, that means you're doing great. Don't worry about looking to me for affirmation. With video, if you look at me, I have to discard that footage as it disrupts the narrative.

-My favourite moment was when the dad found a cattail and proceeded to teach his daughter about it. Then they had fun with the seedlings inside and it made for my favourite images and sequences in the family film.  I know NOTHING about nature, so without their guidance and way of play, I would have never discovered this. Your family inspires me and my work.

- They had their own games they loved to play like looking through 'binoculars' that were just their hands. THIS is what makes me happy to capture and the central part of your family's story.


Let me show you their film


Take a look at the family film I was able to create simultaneously during their session. I switch between photo and video mode depending on what storytelling method I think will work best for the moment.  In order to make these films, I need the space to create. I cannot be constantly prompting or directing. This is perfect for lifestyle sessions that are child led because they are doing the directing for us.

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- melissa, mom of 2

“Our 1 year old twins were both not feeling well and were less than cooperative but Bella remained relaxed, pleasant and always had a smile on her face. The results were fantastic which just goes to show how talented she is despite a difficult situation.  ”

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your everyday is special. Hold onto it.

I have some clients that have seen me every year since my very first year.  We've watched each other grow and evolve our families and our business.  No one knows what next  year will bring. All we have is today.  If anything, 2020 has really taught us to appreciate what we have here and now.

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I structure my packages according to time, not if it's a maternity vs a family vs a newborn session.

I photograph people.

My skill lies in seeing you, posing you and framing you in the environment.