You will get high-resolution files after the session on a USB, a slideshow set to music, tangible heirloom prints and an online gallery to share with family & friends.

 No need to stress about narrowing things down to your favourite 8 images or being upsold after. 

Get the guidance you need to achieve the images shown in my portfolio.

Work with a professional that has dealt with thousands of different personalities and learned to adapt to each one.

I have solid 5 star reviews across all platforms for a reason. Find out why.

You don't want to stress about if your baby will 'perform' for the session. The session evolves with your child. Your baby can do no wrong.

You want to enjoy the experience. You don't want to be forced to rush. You want something unique and artistic rather than cookie cutter and basic.

My families come back every year and they write LENGTHY thank you notes because of the trust and relationship we build

Don't settle

yes  please

reach out if:

you find family photos stressful

My sessions are scheduled 1 per sunrise, 1 midday once I resume indoor photography and 1 per sunset. This allows flexibility to adjust to your child's nap and feeding schedule that day and to compensate for dark or sunny days. I give you the space you need not rushing to the next family and churning out basic images. I love photography because I value the art and creativity at the heart of it. If you can appreciate my artistry, then we'll be a perfect fit.

your partner hates photo time but is a great partner

You don't need to convince your partner it'll be less stressful.  Just send them this website and show them why it will be different this year. My focus is on play.

your kids have a lot of energy

you have multiple locations in mind and want epic photos

I can barely sit still now and focus on something for 30 minutes. How can we expect children to smile for an hour? Our expectations have become unrealistic and this is why I've decided to change my entire philosophy and approach to family photography. Sessions should be FUN. Your child should be allowed to run around. If they want to play with a stick because they love sticks, that's OK.  It's MY job to turn that energy and that scenario into a photo you'll treasure years from now. And you will love it because that's who your baby is right now.

When working only with adults, we have the flexibility to visit multiple locations, change into a few outfits and rock the posing with cinematic lighting. This would work for maternity sessions, branding, senior portraits and more. Let's play and create.

do not reach out if:

you just need one photo

I don't do "cheese" smile at the camera photos. However, if you're looking for a concept shoot and one creative image, reach out and we can plan your dream session outdoors or in my studio.

you just want to get it over with and you won't be present

I want families who choose me to value what I do because I value that connection. It allows me to create the images you see in my portfolio. I cannot create these images if everyone isn't present. That means no cell phone usage. 

you want things to be perfect

You want a cake smash, 3 different backdrops and 4 outfit changes. by the way, the entire extended family will be there. And a unicorn.

What defines perfection? Working with kids, things will never be perfect. I want your baby to be happy (and there is no 'right way to smile'). If that means your hair might be blowing in the wind, or an outfit might be askew, I'd trade that for a beautiful belly laugh any day. Instead, I will guide you away from fussy outfits that have to be 'just so' so that you can play without worry.  I will not 'fix that in photoshop' and I won't take 10 years off your age, nor 20 pounds off your frame. You are beautiful just the way you are. YOU deserve to be seen. 

If you want a controlled session, reach out for information on my studio. These will be focused on details rather than the interaction & play.

Take  a look at my portfolio.  I am about connection and simplicity. Study your photographer's website. There are many photographers out there that specialize in this style. You'll be much better served by them. Just as I want to celebrate who you are, don't ask me to be someone I'm not.

no thanks!


I structure my packages according to time, not if it's a maternity vs a family vs a newborn session.

I photograph people.

My skill lies in seeing you, posing you and framing you in the environment.


Important information you might have missed

I believe in full disclosure. Look over my body of work. Read my reviews. Ask questions.  I'm an open book. I want to answer all of your questions to make sure we're the right fit. My goal is to make sure you're happy in the end. Help me do that.


read my reviews

location ideas

why sunrise/sunset


I believe in full disclosure with pricing. Head to the type of photography you're looking for to find out more about my packages and pricing. No need to ask me for the price list! If you want something not listed, do reach out for a quote.

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I'd love to hear from you! I aim to answer all emails within our normal business hours of M-F, 9-4pm within 2 business days. Pls reach out or check spam if you don't hear from me.

Use the form for the quickest response. 


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