"I've worked with Bella twice now for newborn and family photo's. She's hands down the best and I will definitely work with her in the years to come! I couldn't be happier with my photos!!
Bella warned me that doing pictures with a newborn, 2 year old toddler and dog would not be as easy as our first shoot when it was just my newborn daughter. But Bella comes into your home and somehow makes it all come together, and with some tricks of the trade she manages to get the best of your kiddos...whether it's a toddler who doesn't want to sit with the rest of the family for a photo or a newborn who is fussing. The pictures she delivered to me did not reflect any of that and they were absolutely perfect. She took photos of my daughter in her own element and captured candid moments of unforced, pure joy. With the adults in the shots, she has an eye for angles and coaches you to get the most flattering version of yourself without looking posed. She started working with video in this latest shoot and surprised me with a mix of still photos, video, and music that I have sobbed over every time I have watched it!
Beyond her talent, working with her was also a very positive experience. She works with you in advance to understand your priorities for the shoot, and when I've had a vision and showed her an example of something I HAD to have, she works relentlessly to get you the shot no matter how difficult. She gets to know your style prior to the shoot so it's a productive session...which is great because we have access to our entire library of pictures when we work with her (which is a HUGE plus)!
Bella is just a great person, a great photographer and I'm so happy we crossed paths and that I have these treasures of my kids and family that I will have forever."

- Alis, mom of 2

"I'm a portrait photographer myself, but when it came time to do my own newborn photos, I knew it would go better if I weren't trying to do it myself, especially while recovering from a c-section! Bella did a phenomenal job with the baby, but best of all with my jaded/photographer-kid-syndrome older two (who were not-quite 3 and not quite 6 at the time). I printed an album from the images I got from our session and I will treasure it forever. She got truly amazing portraits of our family!"

- Mira, mom of 3

" Bella is the best. We've done 5 photo shoots with her thus far and 2 more on the way. She's so great at capturing everyone's personality and when kids are being difficult and you think there coulnd't possibly be a good shot, she manages to find the 2 seconds they smiled and were happy. She puts everyone at ease, is super flexible and very clear with her instructions. Her ability to find "good light" is amazing. Love love love Bella! Clients for life!"

- Jennifer, mom of 2

What's your style?

The goal of my lifestyle sessions is to create a warm, interactive environment. If you notice in my images, there aren't a whole lot of sitting in a row, grinning at the camera type images. If you're looking for a gallery of those types of images, please reach out to another studio that will serve you better. I'd say 90% of my delivered images are interactions shots where people are caught in up in the moment and looking at one another. I get a few looking at the camera photos for variety, but not a lot. Things are deliberate in my images and the scene I create aims to tell a story. From wardrobe choices that match the look of your home and the feel of the session, to the choice of what to include in the background and what to crop out - nothing is by accident. When kids run the show, you have to think fast and adapt to changing circumstances. Many people have said I have a gift for stepping up to whatever each session's challenge may be and surpassing all expectations. Check out my reviews on Google business, Facebook, Yelp, Wedding wire, The Knot and more!  I photograph on location in people's homes and outdoors. I do not keep a studio. I don't bring backdrops. I keep things simple. The only thing I provide are wraps for newborn sessions. After you book your session you'll get a link to my facebook gallery of the wraps I own. My newborn galleries have a mix of posed newborn solo images created on features of your home or heirloom items, and lifestyle family portraits. I don't bring backdrops, hats or giant wooden airplanes. I use whatever's already in your home. If requested, I have a trusty basket I've used for years.  See social media and my galleries for hundreds of examples of my newborn work. My retouching style is light and along with my overall philosophy of less is more. If you want a heavily retouched look, please find a photographer that excels at that. I do a very clean edit to keep things looking real.

What do I get?

Check out my pricing page to get a breakdown, but all my packages include high resolution unwatermarked digital images in an online gallery as well as USB. Complimentary gifted prints (10 4x6 prints) are included in your delivered package if you and all other participating adults handle contracts within 5 business days of receiving them and I don't have to chase them down. It's a one woman show and I'd rather spend time consulting people on outfits, improving my craft and editing your images than harassing people on the business side of things. I think you can empathize!  Images are provided in high resolution JPEG format. All sessions include a print release. Due to copyright laws, without a print release you can't duplicate images or even share them on social media. This is why traditional studios sell images by the print and put watermarks over everything. Photographers own the images they create, but my philosophy is that you can print and share for personal usage because that's why I created the images for you in the first place. I include my favourite images in a folder called "Best". These images have been curated that I think best represent the feel of the session. They will have basic skin blemishes photoshopped out. Depending on the level of work required (some newborns have dry skin and rashes) this folder will include about 30 images. The rest of the images from the gallery will be in the "Best of the Rest" folder. Everything is provided in high resolution and is print ready.

How do I book a session?

My session bookings are held once contracts are signed. There are a total of 4 contracts for my standard portfolio-building sessions with complimentary digital images, or just 2 contracts for those opting for the privacy add-on. All adult participants must sign contracts to participate in my sessions. Once all the paperwork is finalized, your session is booked. For weddings, I also require a retainer to secure the date. Unfortunately, nothing can be held until paperwork is finalized and I am sure you can understand why. During a 3 day grace period, I do tentatively hold dates until you finalize paperwork.  Sessions are first come, first serve.  Thanks in advance for respecting my policies.

Why model release?

A photographer without a portfolio to show will be a starving artist. I wish people would take my word that I can take great images, but that's not realistic. Everyone should do their due diligence when picking their photographer. I help people make that decision by constantly updating my portfolio so that they can see REAL families and couples in REAL events and situations. I don't believe in cherry picking your 'best' images only to show because every family has a unique story and a special way of interacting. Each child or lover has their own way of laughter that's genuine and as a loved one you know it when you see it. I have become so popular because I engage people and make them feel comfortable to be themselves in front of my camera. I want to show my consistency in delivery for everyone, not just a styled session or model portfolio. If it were up to me, I'd show 100% of my clients. I of course respect the need for privacy so I offer that option. The fee amounts to about $2 per image and I do this instead of selling files a la carte like a lot of studios.  I don't tag anyone on social media, but welcome it and reward people through my loyalty program. You can rest assured that what you see on my social media site includes 100% of families that have signed my release. I don't hide anything because there isn't anything to hide. I'm proud of everything that I create for my families and couples. Don't you hate it when you hire a photographer whose portfolio rocks and then you get your gallery back and nothing is printable? I have clients coming back from other States after they moved away because they couldn't find someone that consistently delivered like I did. 

From B&B: " I am hoping to hire you for a family session. We had you do our pictures in the public garden 3 years ago and have never had better family pictures. We moved to NH seacoast 3 years ago and see that you are willing to travel outside MA. We would love to have you take our photos again."

From P: "I dont know where we are moving and I don't want to miss the opportunity with you ! I'll never know if we will find someone as good as you." 

Turnaround time?

You get a watermarked teaser within 4 business days of our session in low resolution to get a taste of things to come. Images will be processed and be ready to ship out typically under the 3 week mark. You will receive a card with turnaround times during your session as well. Contractually, all images will be completed by the 4 week mark for newborn and portrait sessions.  Small events under 2 hours will typically be delivered 3 weeks after event date. Wedding turnarounds are typically 8 weeks after the big day. A gallery of favourite images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding day so you have something to enjoy before the hundreds of images are completed. Contractually, the images will be completed by the 3 month mark.  When I begin work on your session, you will see additional teasers on facebook and instagram. Follow me and you will be updated and know where you are in the queue!

Vacations + Holidays?

I match my holiday schedule to my husband's work schedule. If he has those days off, they are considered weekend rates. I may or may not be working those days, but reach out and ask. Certain holidays he doesn't have off, so I consider those standard weekday rates. Typically between September and December I work 7 days a week except for the Thanksgiving long weekend. I end work around December 23rd for the holidays through to the new year. I post my holiday & vacation schedules on social media and on the home page of my website. Don't hesitate to ask which days are holidays. I have lots of clients that book according to my holiday schedule.

When do you open dates?

1.5 months in advance is when I open my calendar for portrait sessions. Baby 1 year package families get access 2 months ahead to get a jump start on prime dates during high season. 4 months ahead of newborns (dates are locked in once baby arrives). Weddings up to 2 years ahead.  

Can I have family members pop in for just a few photos? How about my pet?

The dynamic of my sessions are for immediate family members. It takes time to create additional images and as we all know, kids have their own ideas. I use the entire session to create a gallery of images that I'm proud of. Adding additional people adds stress as they tend to hover as they are waiting for their turn. My priority is the core family so I work hard to create a full gallery of images with enough variety to give you choices. Adding other members is like starting from scratch. I don't recommend doing too much in one session especially if children aren't familiar with these faces as they often don't want to be held by strangers. Strength and mobility comes into play often to get children to have those incredible smiles. Depending on how close children are to these additional family members and if your location allows enough light and good spacing, additional adults may be added for a fee. Please contact me for details if you want to add people.  I only offer extended family sessions filled with toddlers to past clients. The starting rates can be found on pricing page.

Pets are like family and I totally understand. I recommend that you have someone look after the pet for outdoor sessions away from home if you want to include pets in your session. We can include them for a part of the session, but once things get out of control, your friend comes in for the rescue. Often times pets become a distraction and getting them to pose is like getting a 2 year old to pose. It ain't gonna happen. I want your session to be a successful and stress-minimized one. Your dog just wants to look at you and play with you, so I am going to have a gallery full of furry butts and you pointing at the camera trying to get the dog to look at me. Take a look at my galleries and you'll see pets are often featured, but they definitely run the show. 

Inclement weather?

It's New England. Weather forecasts are wrong for the current day. I get that. I have been watching the weather for 7 years. We aim for a date and then 1-2 days before session date we make a call. I keep at least one weekend date open per month for weather rescheduling. Weekdays I'm either out photographing or at home editing and doing admin, so I can be flexible if I have availability. 

How many outfits and locations should I plan for?

Less is more is my philosophy. I recommend a single outfit and one location for a session. Take a look at all successful portrait studios and each gallery has couples in one outfit. Don't think that Pinterest is a gallery of work by one photographer and one couple. Each session should have a theme and be cohesive. Everything you do should build towards one goal (outfits, hair, shoes, location, props if any). I'm personally not a prop person, but I love including heirlooms in newborn sessions.  Focus on what's important to you and I'll create a full and focused gallery. This applies to locations as well. If you want a lifestyle session where you wander to your favourite shops, I'd love to come along and document it, but for a standard portrait session my images focus on creating connection between couples and families and not about changing the backdrop.  If you have a mood you're trying to achieve, let me know and we'll brainstorm locations together.   I'll also send a prep PDF to you to help guide you and prepare for our session. Locations within a 25 minute drive are included in my session fee. I'm definitely willing to travel, so contact me for a quote.

Do you offer discounts or mini sessions?

To be fair to all of my clients I don't discount my pricing. For my skill level it's already hard to keep up with demand at my current pricing. I do however offer a loyalty program for past clients. You will receive details after your first session with me. All clients receive 10% off future newborn and portrait sessions.  I don't offer mini sessions except for the add-on maternity session to the 3 session Baby 1 year package (making it a 4 session package). It takes a while for us to find our groove and I don't want to risk leaving without a full gallery of images I'm proud of. 

How do I pay?

Weddings I require retainers and contracts. For portraits, I don't require a retainer, only contracts to be signed before the session and full payment on the session date. Contract has all the details. So far I've worked with awesome people so I'll continue to do this. I take personal checks or cash but no credit cards.  

Best time for light?

Sunset and sunrise is the best in terms of light. I photograph indoors anytime you have daylight streaming through your windows. Typically midday gives me the most even lighting for an indoor session without harsh sunspots and green leaf reflections blasting through your home. I do not photograph portrait sessions outdoors between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. If your child has a nap schedule that conflicts with those times, please contact me and we can figure out how to accommodate it.

Wedding Photography coverage - 2nd shooter/assistant?

My dear husband E is my assistant during weddings. He handles my lighting under varying conditions (artificial and natural) as well as performs basic duties of a second photographer. He does light shooting during critical parts of the day when a second perspective I find is important to tell the full story, specifically the first look, ceremony and when I don't need him to handle lighting during portrait time. 

Do you have Insurance?

Yes I do. If your venue requests a certificate of insurance, please just ask. 


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Simple all-inclusive pricing is what I'm all about. I want to show real families + real lives. Help other families envision themselves in a session with me and digital images will be included complimentary in your session. Please see my about page for why I value a constantly updated portfolio. I totally respect the need for privacy too and it is available as an add-on. Please see pricing for details.

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