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I want to make sure you hire the right photographer and not be disappointed. Please see if your questions are answered below. If not, please reach out!

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What formats do you deliver?

I present my unwatermarked high resolution JPEG images on a keepsake USB. I also provide a password protected online gallery so you can easily share your images with friends & family. The gallery type I use is Pic-Time and it allows you to order prints, wall art, cards and more right in the program itself. Many clients always ask for pro printer recommendations, so this fits the bill.   I like to keep things simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?

Contracts hold you a spot in my calendar. Reach out once you know why type of session you want and have figured out your schedules with your partner. Reach out after you have 3 potential dates. Sessions will be removed if contracts aren't signed by both parties within 4 days of receipt. As an incentive so I don't have to follow-up with your partner I offer 10 free heirloom 4x6" prints with your package if you make sure they return their paperwork. Don't miss out! There is a strict no hold policy. Contracts and retainer are required to secure the date

How many contracts will I receive?

Why do you require a model release?

What is your turnaround?

When do you open dates?

What about the weather?

What methods of payment do you accept?

What time do you schedule outdoor sessions for? Indoor sessions?

COVID-19 precautions

Do you do mini-sessions?

Can I add people?

You will receive the main portrait contract and a minor release (if there are children involved). All participating adults will receive 2 additional contracts (a model release and a safety release). If you opt to pay the privacy fee, then you won't be responsible for the model release.

My why is explained on my about page.  Please head there to read about it. To keep images private, I charge a nominal privacy fee of $150 which works out to about $2 per image. Weddings/elopements/proposals/large family reunions etc $500+ privacy fee.

I will provide about 10 teasers within 4 business days of our session. These will be posted to Instagram via stories. The rest of your images will be done in about 4-5 weeks. Contractually, they will be done in 6 weeks. Family film will take longer. If you require your images sooner, I can send the teasers in high resolution for your immediate usage.

I open my calendar about 1.5-2 months in advance. So if you're looking for an October date, reach out in August. My mailing list subscribers get first notification for dates opening (this is crucial for a fall date as these book up very quickly). Every year I get parents reaching out 2 weeks in advance, and I'm sending tons of them away. I also announce this on my social media accounts so follow me!

It's New England. Weather forecasts are wrong for the current day. I get that. I have been watching the weather for 7 years. We aim for a date and then 1-2 days before session date we make a call. 40% chance of rain and up is when I keep an eye on the situation. 30% chance of rain is very common and doesn't mean it will rain.  I also check the hourly forecast.  I keep at least two weekend spots open per month for weather rescheduling. Your rescheduled date may be a sunrise slot during the months of September and October (busy season) or early November.

I take check in person of our session date made out to Bella Wang Photography, LLC, Zelle or cash.

The best time for photos is sunrise and sunset. I schedule around the light. For indoor sessions, I schedule these midday between the hours of 10am and 3pm depending on the season. Find out why on my blog post. For Signature Sessions (it depends on locations), please expect a session time of up to 2 hours before sunset per GOOGLE to be adjusted the day before or day of depending on cloud cover that day (super sunny day, session will start 1 hr 15 minutes before true sunset. Cloudy day session will begin 2 hours before sunset. Again, this is location dependent. So if you are scheduling a city session, the buildings cast shadows so we will start earlier than an open field where there is no light filtering. I plan according to light.  Generally, we start about 1 hr and 20 minutes before true sunset and get a bit of dusk. 

For the time being I am not doing any indoor work where I cannot safely socially distance from unmasked individuals and easily move around. I will also not be handling objects in your home, or adjusting any of your hair/garments physically (I will point out things to you to fix).  That means most family homes (unless you live in a giant loft/have no furniture or clutter) are out for now. I am very detail oriented, so I'm always adjusting things in your home if it's not perfect for the photo. If you have a room that is open to the outdoors with ventilation, please reach out for special consideration. This also applies if your home is very open without any clutter that needs to be cleaned up and all household members that will be present are fully vaccinated.

I am hoping to begin in-home family and newborn sessions in late summer / early fall. Currently that timeline is TBD but please signup for my mailing list for announcements. I'll announce everything there and on my social media as soon as I make a decision.    Thank you so much for understanding and to all of my past families for being so supportive of this tough decision.

When you sign up for a session, you are also agreeing to a mini-consult the day of/day before our session so that we can go over goals, I can answer any questions, and we can see each other's current health status. Please do not signup for a session if you're willing to put in the time for this quick health chat.

For the foreseeable future, I will be wearing a mask to all sessions. I do not anticipate this changing in 2021.  I am fully vaccinated as is my household.

Nope. Read my why.

Additional adults may be added for $30 pp plus taxes. However, I do not recommend adding people for sessions unless they are familiar with my style of play and photography.  Due to COVID, unless they are vaccinated it's recommended to keep the session within your bubble. Please note I do not offer large family classic portraiture with multiple children under the age of 10.  If it's a BBQ and casual, then I'm game!! Pricing is just an event shoot and will be similar to my Signature Session depending on how big the event is. Reach out for details.

model release

best time for photos

weather policy

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why i don't offer 1 photo

I                        your family's                         

what sets me apart



What I

I control the tone of your session by guiding you to locations that fit your vibe based on your contact form.

I'm a stylist that provides guidance on outfits that reinforce the tone of your session

I help craft your movements with minimal prompts and posing tips. My main goal is to observe and only interfere to make your images and story stronger.

What I                do

provide constant entertainment to your child. I want them to engage with you not me.



I edit your images in my classic, true to life way.

mini sessions

I am your storyteller and make constant storytelling decisions during the preparation phase, your session and in the editing room.

do sky overlays, insert a fake sun or any heavy photoshop

I remain as flexible as practicable so your experience can be as relaxing as possible

classic, posed family reunion photos with multiple young children. if you would like to book a large family session, my style will be documentary and candid in nature. a backyard bbq? hiking trip? picking fruits? trip to the zoo? These activities make great opportunities for photography & films. reach out for a custom quote

bring a tonne of props. I have a client closet + wraps. All classic pieces. I believe in minamalism and editing down.

take 10 years and 20 pounds off you. i believe you are beautiful just as you are. the media doesn't define our self-worth. these images are your life, your story.

provide constant entertainment to your child. I want them to engage with you not me.

you've convinced me

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Even more locations to consider for your session

There are other locations in Boston besides the Boston Public Gardens and Commons. Download my guide for 50+ locations to consider right in or near the city! Start planning your family's pictures.