Treat yourself to magazine-quality images

Treat yourself to magazine-quality images

With a timeless, clean edit that will stand the test of time (and the life of your website), my images will pull your clients in with their bold, true-to-life colours and editorial feel. I'll coach with posing and expressions to convey the mood you want to project.

Do you want to elevate your brand?

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Envision your dream brand. What colours do you gravitate towards? What are your colours on your website? Your photos on your website should reinforce the spirit of your brand.

I'll gather information on your personal style, what you do and your business's brand identity and design a photo session around this inspiration.  Everything should be done with intention. This includes the location of your session, props, and every item present in your set.

Find an expert to help take your brand to the next level

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β€œBELLA!!!!! YOU OUTDID YOURSELF!!! The photos are magazine worthy and just breathtaking. You are a genius at your craft!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Cassandre, style influencer

why you Need a rebrand:

you want your personality to shine through

I make your personality shine through with my images by making you comfortable and directing you.

you want a timeless photo

Who wants images that will date in a year? 100% I'm for updating your brand and getting new images to flood your social media platforms, but you want to be able to draw from past content too and reuse photos.

Let me make this easy so you can focus on doing what you love

Just like I won't take up writing, teaching yoga, styling, or whatever your niche might be, let me take care of crafting your brand images because I'm GOOD at what I do.

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Headshots in studio

Every professional needs an image that really hits home and nails their vibe. I love to incorporate aspects of your work into your image to tell your story.

Starting late Summer 2021, I offer a studio or on location experience based on your needs.

What i do:

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Are you a florist? A wedding planner? A stylist? Let me communicate to your clientele exactly what you do in a vivid way.

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Corporate Teams

Images for your company to use for your website and social media presence. I love to capture the interaction between your team members. My focus is to make everyone comfortable so the body language is relaxed and fun. Half or Full-day quotes available.

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Lab Work & Products

I've worked with some of the biggest biotech companies in the Boston and Cambridge area, including Moderna, ReadCoor (now 10XGenomics), Senda Biosciences, Wave Lifesciences and more.

A year from now, don't regret not having your best face forward....

so let's get  them started!

"We were distracted by the famous faces in their portfolio..."

"We worked with a few other photographers before we found you. We were distracted by the famous faces in their portfolio, but they couldn't give us  decent headshots... and that was their specialty.  You did your first headshots with us and blew us out [of] the water. Those people charged an arm and a leg.  The quality of your photos far surpassed theirs. Increase your prices Bella. You deserve every penny and then some." - Christine

be bold!

THe Best

"Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job on the photo shoot."

"Can't wait to tell all my friends about your work! "

profile photo for nytimes book jacket author

"Thank you so much Bella!!! You did it again!!!!! I love love love it!!!!!"

I saw the extended clip. Bella, you keep blessing with gifts 😍😍😍   - Lavinia, wedding planner

wedding professionals


β€œShe is extremely kind and professional and the type of person you would want to be friends with! I already know that my future pictures will be taken by Bella!! "

- Phuong

I've been complimented time and time again for bringing people out of their shell and making them immediately comfortable. Whether working one-on-one or taking headshots for 80 team members, I'm able to engage with you and your workers to get authentic and approachable images in no time.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your business to the next level.

You want images to sell who you are.

you're in the right place.

Book your ideal clients and work with people that you deserve.

Friendly smiles and approachable body language delivered for your entire team.

Show off your work to the world with vivid product images

Online gallery with digital downloads so you can share with your team and clients.

Receive content for social media platforms on top of web imagery.

Make your business stand out with modern, fresh imagery and none of those boring old school type photos.

Corporate Headshots & Personal Branding

book me

tell me what you need

i design your branding session around your business needs and personality

I get you drool worthy content images for the web and socials

I can guide you with outfits and styling

Reach out and we'll get started on:

Planning your mood board on Pinterest

Identifywhat styling would reinforce your vision

Determine the best location or space within your business  to do your images

Create images for your social media planning calendar

Up-level your headshot game by launching your website with modern, magazine-worthy images.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* up your brand:

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This      for you if:

You need help defining your vision for your brand

You want something bland

you want to put in the work with me to define your vision



It's probably        for you if...

You just need a simple headshot for linkedin because someone told you to get one



Let's do this thing.


See studio page for studio sessions. On-site sessions start at $1600

Head to Studio page
starting prices for solopreneurs

Half Day

headshots + lifestyle photos

team + mock Client facing images

Product photography

lab + office workspace PICTURES 

starting at $3000

Full Day

same as half-day

option to purchase privacy for both 1/2 and full days

online gallery

brand identity and scoping

starting at $5000

select the plan that works for you:

corporate teams

Can I buy out exclusive usage

I do offer privacy options to clients that wish to keep images for their own usage. Please reach out to inquire about this fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are images delivered?

You'll receive an online gallery of the edited images. You can download them from there and easily share with your team members. I can Dropbox it to you as well if that's easier.

How do I identify my brand or style?

That's what I'm here for. After years of guiding so many families and couples with family and wedding photography, I am an expert at clothing suggestions. I know light and understand how it can be used to enhance your vision. Posing is my forte and I can find your best angles.  Expressions in my portfolio are genuine for a reason.  I am very approachable and fun to work with.  Reach out to start the process!

let's work together

Find out why I'm one of Boston's premier photographers.

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