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Reviews from our clients and what exactly makes a BW Bride

"We chose Bella for our wedding because of the photographers we were considering, she was also very skilled in capturing beautiful memories in low-lighting, evening, indoor settings. This was so crucial! "

Bella is a detailed and thoughtful photographer; which starts from her in-depth questionnaires to get to know you as a couple and your goals for the day, and continues throughout the experience. Her guidance in posing was also so helpful; Alex and I are not used to being photographed, and we requested, and she provided, very granular feedback, in the moment, of how to adjust ourselves, how to play to the light, and how to relate to each other, which made us feel more confident! And the results were wonderful.

Bella Wang is not only an incredible photographer and artist, but she also was one of the most helpful and decisive people we worked with that day – which really helps with a big wedding!... She has great upbeat yet quiet energy and it really helped keep Alex and I focused so we could get all the shots we wanted. The results have been more incredible than we imagined, and we are so happy to have these artistically captured memories!

We learned that you end up spending a lot of your wedding day with your photographer, and we are so grateful and happy that Bella was with us for this whirlwind, special day.

Betty + Alex

"Then of course - there was the work itself - and it was magical"

On the day of the shoot Bella listened to our thoughts and then, in a way that almost made me nervous, made herself part of the scenery… 

- Scott

"[My photos] never fail to bring a smile to my face"

She was calm, collected and infectiously cheerful. Bella also gave great cues, and, instead of looking awkward and anxious my fiance and I looked natural and as happy as we truly are in our engagement photos.

- Sharon

" I would 100% recommend using Bella for any photographing needs."

"As someone who wanted to make sure the proposal would go as smooth as possible, I could not be more grateful for her guidance. She reminded me to just have fun and take in the moment, to not worry if I don't propose in the exact location we had discussed. Taylor and I could not be more ecstatic about the photos she captured and we are blessed to be able to have these for the rest of our lives."

- Joey




initial contact

Read over the website to get all the details but be ready to make a decision! I want you to get your booking bonuses so be ready for things to move quickly once you reach out!



Your date is secured with contracts + a non-refundable retainer. There are no soft-holds.
Weekend sessions shorter than 3 hours are not scheduled beyond a 3-month horizon



We'll send you a questionnaire to get you thinking of how you want your day to go. An engagement questionnaire will help me get to know your likes and dislikes and maybe give me ideas to guide your engagement session!




your wedding day

Scheduled T-Th, this is a time when we get to know each other and I help you to look and feel your best so you're ready for your wedding day. I do a pre-session video call a couple of days before the session to finalize details. For prep tips, click HERE.

My husband/assistant and I will be packed and ready to be inspired by your day. Keep your space as tidy as you can, otherwise that chaos will be documented in all its glory! Just remember to breathe and to have fun. Don't sweat the small stuff (and it's all small stuff). What other day will you be surrounded by your loved ones? Take it all in! 


pre-wedding video call

 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding, I do a final video call to ensure we're all on the same page with start times and schedules. We know these are live events, but we still love to get an idea of the flow.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a second shooter at weddings?

We're here to make your wedding day stress-free and memorable. As a husband and wife team, we work closely together to capture every moment. My husband is always by my side as my second photographer, seamlessly transitioning into a lighting assistant role during portraits and reception. He also offers support by removing distractions, managing lighting, and providing feedback on new and creative ideas.

During portraits and reception, he seamlessly transitions into a lighting assistant role to ensure that every shot is perfect. It's worth noting that my husband doesn't direct or head off to photograph cocktail hour or portraits on his own. We work together as a team to capture every moment of your special day.

While we do offer a dedicated second photographer at an additional cost, 100% of the images on our website are captured by us without the need for one. 

How would you describe your style + approach?

On your wedding day, my goal is to capture the moments that you will cherish forever. I approach weddings with a documentary style, allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest without interruption. 

During portrait time, I will provide gentle direction to ensure that you look your best and your venue is showcased in the most flattering way possible. I'm both a light-chaser and light-creator. My vibe is your vibe. I feed off your energy and create the session around your personality. If you see my full galleries, they're all unique because each couple is unique. I don't believe in cookie-cutter poses. My style of composition and posing varies from drama to editorial, from documentary style to fun-loving depending on your style. I believe your photos should feel like you.

Your family is at the heart of your wedding day, and capturing those memories is incredibly important to me. I'll work closely with you to make sure we have a list of all the important family members, and have you assign a friend to help gather everyone for quick and stress-free photos. 

When it comes to editing, my style is all about enhancing the natural beauty of your wedding day. I believe that true beauty shines through in the moments that are captured as they happen. I will never alter skin tones or change the colors of your carefully chosen bouquets. Please take a look through my gallery to see samples of my work and to ensure that my style aligns with your vision for your wedding day. My edit is based on true-to-life colours. 

why are your prices discounted for portfolio-building?

I'm passionate about capturing the beauty and diversity of every person I photograph, and I want to share that with the world. Help me in my mission for equal representation by signing a model release. I showcase every individual I capture on my social media platforms and I've done this from the beginning. I have priced my collections with a model-release discount built-in as 99% of my couples are proud to showcase their photos.

I want you to feel comfortable and respected when it comes to sharing your photos. While I do charge a small fee for keeping your images private, it's purely symbolic, at about $2 per image. I understand that privacy is important to some people, and I don't want anyone to feel penalized for their personal preferences. My priority is to provide you with a positive and stress-free experience, and that includes respecting your boundaries.

I only offer the option of model release or no model release. My portfolio is based on my curating of my favourite images that showcase my skill and style. I won't pick the safe pictures with everyone smiling at the camera. I will definitely pick the ones that show true emotion (the crying, the full-bellied laughs). "Outtakes" are what set me apart. Oftentimes couples will book me because they love how 'real' my photos look and how they can feel it just by seeing my pictures. If you want to show only soft-smiles and perfectly laid out gowns and flatlays, I'm not your photographer. I want couples to choose me because they trust me to document the real beauty of their day.

For more information, please check out my About page. Let's work together to capture and celebrate the unique beauty of every individual.

why should we hire you?

Photographs free a moment in time, preserving faces and expressions of your loved ones. These photos allow us to look back and remember the people that matter the most. While it may seem that photography is a significant expense upfront, consider how much these photos will mean to you over time as the years go by. Your friends and family will grow older, some may move away, and with that… these images will be ever more precious to you. These photos can bring comfort, joy, tears, and a sense of connection to the loved ones that may no longer be with us. Conversely imagine the disappointment that may come from trying to hire someone with less experience, less positive reviews, less of an eye for those fleeting moments. It’s something that you can’t ever get back. Prioritize your memories.

But don't take my word for it. Check google to read my reviews.

How many images are included?

I pour my heart and soul into capturing every beautiful moment of your wedding day, from the heartfelt speeches to the spontaneous dance moves. The number of photos you receive will depend on how your day unfolds and the memories we create together. While I generally deliver around 1 photo per minute, the true magic of your day can't be quantified.

My goal is to create a keepsake time capsule of your wedding day, capturing the moments you missed and allowing you to relive the day through imagery. I've never had a couple say they wished they had more photos - in fact, they're often amazed at how I've perfectly preserved their memories beyond their wildest dreams.

What do you do about rain?

On your wedding day, my priority is to capture the beauty and truth of your love story, no matter what the weather brings. While it's understandable to hope for clear skies and sunshine, I want you to know that  I want you to know that even if the weather is less than ideal, your images will be a truthful and stunning representation of your day. Sometimes, the drama of the skies, the wind blowing through your veil, or the rain enhanced by my dramatic lighting can add an extra touch of magic to your photos. Rest assured that with my expertise and attention to detail, I know how to work with any conditions to create timeless images that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

why should I spend money on a photographer?

Can you fathom a world where we don't have photographs? Where the faces and expressions of those we love are lost to time? This is precisely why photographs hold such power; they capture a moment in time and preserve it for us to cherish forever.

As we revisit these photos, they take us back to a specific moment and allow us to relive the joy, laughter, and happiness that we shared with our loved ones. They help us keep their memory alive, even when they are no longer with us physically. I got married really young because I knew I wanted my grandmother there. She was important to me and helped to raise me.  I wanted her to see a grandchild get married. I made sure she was a part of the ceremony and that I got portraits with her.  She passed away not long after I got married and I treasure those important photos so much.

It's not about just spending a lot of money on a photographer, but also the right photographer. When you read about the biggest regrets that couples have on their wedding day, oftentimes they say they shouldn't have saved on photography because those are moments they can never relive. So, when choosing a photographer, make sure to ask for full galleries to see how they capture the day. As for me, I take immense pride in every single wedding I shoot, and I'm more than happy to share my galleries with potential clients. My clients sing my praises not only for the stunning photos I deliver, but also for the unforgettable experience I provide.

Can't you just photoshop that?

Do you give raws?

My photography is all about emotion and authenticity.  There are many photographers that have perfected the art of Photoshop that would best fulfill your needs. Please reach out to them. My couples are focused on the moments, not the distractions. The ones who love you will always love you just the way you are. That said, I do remove temporary distracting blemishes on some portraits. See my contract for details.

My curated finished JPEG gallery is the only image file type I deliver. I do not provide raw unfinished images.

how do you do family formals?

This LINK goes into more details, but my favourite types of family images are created after the 'formals' are done. I love to give opportunities for people to really let loose and show their true selves!

I love your sunset photos! Can I take my pics at noon?

This LINK goes into more details, but my images look the way they do because of my expertise. That includes location choice, time of day, and day of the week.  If you want your images to look like the ones in my portfolio, you have to trust the process and listen to my guidance.

Can we meet before we book you?

I dedicate as much time as I can to my current clients. As a result, that leaves very little time to chase new ones.  Some photographers are salespeople, but that's just not who I am and I'm OK with that. I don't pressure people into making decisions.

95% of my clients book me via email, but I know seeing someone is important! I do offer video calls, for wedding packages, so please reach out to schedule one.  I don't do phone calls as I find people that ask for those tend to be price shopping and calling lots of photographers. I prefer to share my time with those that value me and my time.  Video chats are scheduled during regular business hours 10am-6pm M-F.


why do you charge more for weekends? why do you have office hours?

Weekends are precious as I'm often out photographing weddings. So on the days I'm not working, I'm spending time with loved ones that have regular office working hours. I used to work 7 days a week, and regularly have 14+ hour days (guess what time sunrise is in the summer? before 6am, meaning I'm up by 4am to drive to my sunrise session. And guess what time sunset is? 8:30pm, meaning I don't get home until 9:30pm to start backing up my images, which takes me to about 10:30pm.....and all over again the next day) for the first 8 years of my photography career and then I burned myself out.  I've realized I can only do my best when I'm at my best! Thanks for respecting those sacred hours. I've burned myself out before and I'm working hard to set boundaries to keep myself in a healthy space. I want to be at my best for my clients!

This is why if you don't hear from me via email within 2 business days, please do pop me a reminder. When I am in busy season or traveling, I may miss an email or two a month! I just get close to 200 emails a week from clients and potential clients. I do my best, but I'm still only human. If your shoot is that week, I respond generally within the day.

Can I get a discount if I don't use the engagement session?

The engagement session is an additional complimentary offering I provide to establish trust and help couples prepare for their wedding day. Not everyone is accustomed to being in front of a camera, so the session serves as an opportunity to ease any discomfort and explore different posing styles beyond the typical 'cheese' smile.

It's more than just a photo session; it's a chance for us to become acquainted, and for you to witness my efficient and high-quality work. This preliminary experience is designed to instill confidence that I can capture fantastic shots, even in a short time frame during your wedding.  Wedding days can get stressful and distracting. This takes photography as one potential stressor off the table.  If my portfolio aligns with your vision, this session is an integral part of my service.

For couples coming from out of town, we can schedule the session to coincide with your other plans (trials/tastings) or as an excuse to explore New England. And of course, I understand that life can get busy – if you can't make it, no pressure. My approach is centered around keeping things stress-free and accommodating.

Family, friends and moments above all else.

value artistry and experience

willing to go the extra mile for great photos

will embrace and value the spontaneous moments

Just wanna have fun

do not like drama, but Love dramatic imagery

BW Couples

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"It’s hard to put into words how happy we are that we chose Bella"

It rained on our wedding day, and she somehow found a way to make that into our favorite part, through the photos we were able to get. She helped us capture the true essence of our wedding day, and we cannot recommend her enough!

- Keri

Everything flowed perfectly under Bella's control. Our parents and relatives traveled from China to the US to attend our wedding. Everyone spoke highly of Bella's professionalism. After our wedding, many guests even asked about Bella... Everyone mentioned Bella is the best photographer they have ever met.

I have worked with a few photographers in my life. Bella is definitely the most experienced one. When I worked with other photographers, I frequently had to keep posing under their instructions. I could easily get tired and bored very quickly. The pictures were always edited too much. I have to say that I need to pose sometimes when I work with Bella. However, it is very quick and brief. I could mostly behave naturally. 

_ Jane

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