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Bella Wang



things to consider

How to prepare for your engagement session

Your engagement session will help you feel safe and prepared for the wedding day.

My wedding packages include an engagement session to help build your confidence for the wedding day. This way you'll know how to look your best by integrating my tips and tricks on flattering poses. I'll coach you so that it'll be second nature by the end of our session and I'll try to eliminate bad habits (or at least bring your attention to them so you can practice in the mirror before the big day!). The length of your session depends on your package, so check your contracts.

What would make this session "you"?

I'm a very flexible and easy going person when it comes to location /vibe choices! I love trying new things. I can shoot at a beach or a parking structure without missing a beat. If you want something quirky, just ask.  This is your time to show off who you two are as a couple.

The main goal is for you to come away having had a great time. The beautiful photos are just a bonus!

For our engagement shoot, we carefully prepared for a snow shoot and she was open and honest with me from the beginning of how finicky snow shoots could be. ...She makes you forget the camera is around and the product is an organic moment with your partner. 

_ Daisy

2021 bride

telling your story WITH artful EXCELLENCE AND PURPOSE.

Step 1: Decide on the season

+ Architecture looks great all year round however if you want cherry blossoms, those last 2 weeks during Spring. Fall leaves last two weeks in October, so plan accordingly! Best laid plans don't necessarily mean we'll catch the narrow window as Spring/Fall are rainy seasons.

+ I open my books 1.5-2 months in advance. So if you're looking for a May date, then reach out in March and so forth! If you want to get on my radar ahead of time reach out and I can pencil you in. I can only confirm dates up to 2 months in advance. Due to the unpredictability of weather and sickness, this is the only way I can remain flexible. Thank you for respecting my process!   

winter? Spring? summer? Fall?

+ tip: reach out 2 months prior to secure a spot
+ tip: weekend availbility is extremely limited as they are reserved for weddings and only open up to 2 weeks in advance.
+ tip: review contract for details
+ don't forget to book your complimentary session as it cannot be subsituted for another product. the purpose is for me to train you for your big day and to build trust!

step 2: Decide on your location

Are you city folks? Nature? Homebodies (currently not being offered during pandemic)? Decide on the backdrop for your engagement session. This is a very personal opinion. Or you can let me decide!

Depending on your wedding package, a certain travel radius is included, but you can always upgrade if there's someplace sentimental you'd like to have your session. I can basically make any location work (if permits allow!). Ideas to get you started.

I also have a studio. Questions on sunrise/sunset? Click HERE. Caveat : not all locations are best at sunrise/sunset that's why location needs to be finalized first.

+ tip: have a location in mind? reach out and bounce ideas off me
+ tip: unique location in mind? check for permit fees
+ tip: far away? ask for travel fees
+ Tip: typically, I schedule sessions at sunrise or sunset. BE REALISTIC ABOUT HOW FAR YOU CAN GET BY SUNRISE. 
+ Tip: Since we are east coast, boston waterfront photos should take place at sunrise so the sun is over the water. in the city I can shoot closer to midday. reach out for exceptions and details!
+ Location has to be decided before I can tell you the start time because light availability, tide, permits, etc. are all important factors

Step 3:  outfits set the tone

+ Are you preppy? Formal? Cultural outfits? Colourful? Bohemian? Trendy? Decide on what you want to communicate through your outfits. This will set the tone for your session

+ Outfits should be cohesive with the location. Formal gowns with heels on the beach typically doesn't make sense, unless you send me a mood board with your vision!

+ Outfits guide me with posing you. If you're wearing a ballgown, I wouldn't do fun and flirty/playful poses. If you're wearing casual wear, I wouldn't pose you in dramatic poses. Make sense?

+ tip: envision how you want your final images to look. Look to pinterest and instagram for inspiration.

+tip: an outfit has to be cohesive from head to toe and within your partnership. Example: if you're going ballgown, your partner shouldn't show up in plaid and overalls. If you're going formal, don't wear crocs. Head to toe coordination is key for a great look

+ tip: if you don't have a sense of style, use the styling tool provided, or mimic an outfit from head to toe of your favourite retailer. don't recreate the wheel or hope for the best! that will only lead to disappointment.

+ consider pro hair and makeup. for one day besides your wedding day, feel like the best version of yourself! If you're anti-makeup, that's 100% fine and I respect that choice as well.

As a couple, we were open to trying anything and Bella ran with it. Bella had so many creative ideas and we were willing to try them out due to the trust we put in her. Some of the more creative pictures are the ones that we love! 

_ Patrick

2019 groom

other things to consider


Some locations require permits. Please ensure you have the necessary paperwork and know what rescheduling fees are involved (weather/sickness).


Check your contract for details on what's included in your wedding package such as coverage and length of session, retouching.


Consider parking and traffic when planning a location. For beach/water sessions, please check tide charts.


Props aren't something I recommend, but if you have a theme in mind, I'm open to try something creative!

more things to consider


Turnaround for images is typically 4 weeks. During fall busy season this may be 5 weeks. High resolution teasers can be sent for immediate usage just ask!


You'll receive a gallery with downloadable high resolution JPEG images to share with family + friends. My gallery includes access to professional printers. Information will be in the gallery.


I'll check the weather a few days prior and we can make any necessary adjustments. I just ask you to be flexible and I'll do the same! Check my prep link below to get more information.

 Raindates may be sunrise.


I book a 10 min health and safety Facetime/ Zoom call for the day of our session/day before. These take place during business hours 10am-6pm M-F. Other times are reserved for sessions or family time.  I'll set this up about 2-3 days prior to our session once I have a sense of the weather.

head to prep page

weather policy

I can't wait to bring your vision to life.

This is a time for us to get to know each other and for me to help guide you with posing. I want you to feel comfortable that you're in good hands on your wedding day so you can make quick decisions about photos when there's stress and a time crunch on the big day!

- Bella