Our lives as we know it Covid-19 / Coronavirus has severely impacted so many of us in unimaginable and numerous ways. I myself have closed my little business and will have to get used to having zero cash flow for my family for the foreseeable future. It was definitely not something I anticipated. I saw […]

Side-lying newborn on ottoman with big sister

It’s been weighing on my mind for the past week. You know the part in the movie when the protagonist has that ‘sliding doors’ moment? When they think back to that moment when they had a choice and a decision to make? That choice that changed their lives and their path forever? For me, that […]

Starting 03/22/2020 I will no longer be doing any in home sessions. Somerville currently has a mandate in place preventing non-essential workers from meeting people. I will be abiding by the rules. Once these restrictions are lifted, I will be reconsidering sessions on a case by case basis. Thank you for your understanding in this […]

Coronavirus Covid-19 Prevention

Radcliffe + Harvard Yard Location for me never really matters much. To me, the dynamic of the family is really what drives a session. The only thing I look for when choosing and recommending a location is good light, lack of poor background choices (when your child runs in the wrong direction) and a contained […]

parents with child in Harvard Yard

Toddlers Concerns When parents reach out to me for bookings either they bring up their concerns about an active toddler, or I ask them in my questionnaire as pre-session prep. Kids are kids and the best sessions are when we allow them to run free and be themselves. I love prompting families but prompts do […]

Child and parent at Boston Public Gardens

Belmont Family Photographer This Belmont family lives right near this field but it was the first time they had actually set foot in it. I love exploring green spaces I find on google maps as you never know what might be just around the corner from you. I live in Davis Square, but it’s not […]

Family play photography session in Belmont

Institute of Contemporary Art The ICA has a stunning waterfront location which we chose to showcase this talented senior’s dance abilities. I worked in advance to understand her interests and she brought a lot of ideas to the table as well. We went through her wardrobe options and also got a sense of the things […]

Dancer at the ICA in Boston

Larz Anderson Family session This is the second of two back to back late afternoon / sunset sessions at Larz Anderson park. I am a photographer that loves to feed off the energy of the family and let them inspire me by their play and interactions. This makes each session unique and fun. I start […]

Classic Family Photo in Brookline

Autumn in Boston Fall is busy season for us photographers as the temperatures start to fall and the leaves start turning to brilliant hues of rust, gold and fire red. As a result, I am often faced with back to back sessions at a single location. So how does a photographer keep things fresh and […]

Dog catching leaves with brother and sister in Brookline Park

Newton Newborn Photographer Since I began, I’ve always been an on-location photographer. That means I don’t own a studio and I’ve trained my brain to think quickly and adapt to new situations and environments on an almost daily basis. My entire portfolio is filled with sessions that I have photographed in people’s homes, but inevitably […]

Newton Newborn Lifestyle Session at Home