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Mommy and Me

So often it’s mothers that are organizing these photo sessions because they are the ones taking the photos constantly of their family, but rarely in the family photos themselves. I believe that it’s my job to ensure that I focus on Motherhood during my family sessions. When people reach out to me, I always try and get a sense of their goals. Some parents I’ve seen every year for 7+ years so we are in sync now, but I still send out a questionnaire before every session to see if their minds have changed.

I know that so many mothers of course have a goal of getting incredible images of their child at this moment in their lives, but I don’t think my duty ends there. I work incredibly hard to make sure no one is forgotten in my sessions. My sessions are all about the family, the interactions between the children and their mother, as well as her partner.

Boston Family Photography

I have clients coming in from different states to have their photos taken by me and I’m always so incredibly flattered. It seriously blows my mind that people will travel for hours just to see me! Some past clients have moved away only to return periodically to have updated photos because they weren’t able to find someone to replace me in their new hometown. I am forever thankful that my work is so valued.

I put 100% of my heart into every session and I don’t leave until I know I have a breadth of work that I’m happy with. That’s also why I don’t do mini-sessions. There is so much pressure for a child to perform and behave in 10 minutes that sometimes it just triggers a meltdown. I’ve seen it too often before and I now try and communicate parents not to play up these sessions too much. It’s just about play and exploration. Don’t look at it as something they have to do. Photosessions should be fun! It’s all about setting a peaceful, relaxed mindset. It’s how I have been able to create the beautiful imagery below.

A slideshow of Imagery

I made a slideshow featuring some images taken from Spring 2019 until March 2020 before COVID-19 shut down everything. I am so incredibly proud of what we were able to create in about 3/4 of a year.

Please enjoy the slideshow of images featuring Motherhood:

Motherhood Slideshow

Motherhood in photography

Motherhood is celebrated in my work, no matter the event. From weddings, maternity, to newborns and family sessions… I’m there beside so many families to capture their precious memories.

Motherhood in Boston Family photography
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Boston family photographer
Mommy and me session
Mommy and me sessions
Mommy and me session
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Family photography at memorable places
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Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
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Mommy and me
Chunky baby thighs
Chunky baby thighs
Family session at home lifestyle photography Boston
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Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Cambridge Family session North Point Park
Cambridge Family session North Point Park
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Boston public gardens family session
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle motherhood newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Cambridge motherhood and family photography
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Lifestyle newborn session at home. Motherhood.
Lifestyle newborn session at home. Fresh 48

Book a 2020 Session

To book a session, reach out to me via my contact form. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for first access to dates. With extra precautions due to Covid19 I am only taking on limited sessions with families that are ok with my procedures on safety precautions. Thank you so much for understanding!

2020 session blog post | How they will look

For printers, many families have been asking what I recommend. I have been sending everyone to for several years now and everyone has been very happy. If you’re not happy, please contact them and they will make it right with a print credit/re-print.

Boston Family Photographer serving New England. Candid, lifestyle type imagery with a natural edit.
Motherhood in Boston Family photography

Focus on play

I’ve always wanted to transition my photography style into a more documentary style of family photography. This is the push I guess I always needed to make this dream a reality! My sessions this year will be child-led. Since I cannot come closer than 6′, my usual directing style will take a backseat to more prompts of play and discovery. This will be the driving force behind family photography in 2020.

Child playing with bubbles in backyard
Bubbles in the apartment complex BBQ area. Can you tell?

Personally, I would love to move to this style of photography as it is very relaxing. We may not have control over the outcome, but it will be true to who your child and family is today. I always found that in directing, some poses and suggestions didn’t work for certain families because that wasn’t how they played. I want to understand and see how YOUR family plays and loves each other.


Sessions for 2020 will not be taking place in the city, but the focus will shift to parks, conservation lands and backyards. Everyone knows how much I love a great city backdrop, but unless you are willing to do a sunrise session, I will not be doing any city-based sessions. For the definition of sunrise, please check google or click here. Unfortunately, that is earlier than most of us would like. Be realistic and honest. Please do not book a sunrise city session and then ask to change the session to 8:00am. If the timing does not work, please consider a location out of the city or in your backyard.

Locations best suited for 2020:

  • Your backyard/front yard
  • A field/conservation land/out in nature
  • Avoid sunset in the city

Nature allows for kids to be in their element, which is exploring. Their discovery of new things and sights can bring about signature expressions that you’ll want to capture. Yes, sometimes they can stare at a rock or a stick for 15 minutes, but you only need a handful of gorgeous keepsake images to frame and remember this crazy time in our world. It’s not about quantity, but instead about quality. It’s something I am taking more to heart every day. In our materialistic world that we live in, I’m starting to really take a deeper look at what I truly need. Having my family healthy and happy is what’s important to me; not another cute dress, or another pair of shoes that I’ll stash away and never find until I clean out my closet 3 years from now.

When choosing a location, keep in mind your child’s unique temperament. Will they do well after a 2-hour car ride where you’re likely rushing because you are running late? Or is it more relaxing for you to just keep things close to home so you don’t have to worry about getting gas, getting out on time, and not forgetting anything along the way. I always like to suggest to keep things simple.

Ideas for play

If you are concerned about the pace, there are ways to engage a child and have them move on. Lots of hugs, cuddles, a piggyback ride, lifts into the air are all ways to reset their focus. I don’t know what your family typically does and I don’t know how willing you are to allow things to flow naturally, so I will take your lead on how these sessions will evolve. If you are at home, babies LOVE the following:

  • bubbles
  • tents
  • pillow fights outdoors on a nice cream throw
  • playing in the water
  • FOOD

You can have a sprinkler going, set up an inflatable pool with a rainbow. Go nuts. You are only limited by your imagination. If you want to brainstorm together, I am more than happy to!

Ideas for home

Simple beige throw, some pillows and VOILA. For the top-down photo below, I would need a step ladder, but at this time, I don’t want to complicate things.

family session at home 2020 pillow fight

The images on the page are all taken in backyards or common areas (like BBQ areas) of apartment complexes. Things do not have to get complicated.

at home lifestyle session in Cambridge, MA
1 year old baby eating watermelon
Babies and food… no easier way to get a smile than to feed them their favourite food.
baby eating watermelon
The mom originally wanted her in a dress with shoes on, decorations and a monogrammed quilt, but I just told her simple is better. She loved the idea and was so happy we kept things simple and unadorned.
Baby and watermelon in family session at home
It’s just a watermelon, but I was able to create 9 adorable images. Things don’t have to get complicated.

I also shot some video for the following family, but I haven’t had a chance to edit it together yet. I will post that when it’s ready. Basically, your backyard can be a place to have a socially distant and safe session. If something goes wrong, you are at home and have access to anything you need. You can get snacks when baby is hungry, or run inside if you’ve forgotten something. These sessions can be relaxed and beautiful. It’s also a great way to document your family… your home…right now. It’s where you raised your children and you should be proud to show it off.

family at home session in New England
Lots of options when you’re at home.
sprinkler at home family photography
sprinkler at home family photography
LOVE this capture.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t eliminate a perfectly good option right in your backyard. It doesn’t have to be the public gardens, you don’t have to clean your backyard and plant some trees. Just let go of perfection and enjoy your life and loves around you. It’s the little things in the every day that define who we are. This is your story.

Ideas for newborns and the outdoors

Newborn session in apartment backyard pool area
The BBQ area in an apartment complex can be beautiful. If it’s not, I don’t need to draw attention to it. I only include location/surroundings when it adds to the story.

Outdoor spaces are a great spot for newborn photos as well. This baby girl had both her newborn and 1 year photos taken in their apartment complex BBQ area (she’s the watermelon baby!). Have I ever mentioned how much I like BBQ areas and often photograph in them without drawing attention to the fact they are simple locations steps from your front door? Some of my families choose to have all of their sessions at home and I have seen them for YEARS. To me, it’s always been about the family and the baby; not the location.

Why sunset or sunrise?

The best light is always SUNRISE and SUNSET. However, sunrise may not be when you think it is! In June, sunrise is 5:15AM: LINK.

Since these sessions are less pressure and more about play, your baby doesn’t have to be at their happiest point of the day (which is generally in the morning). But you know your child. If they are a complete mess by sunset, please schedule a sunrise session. If sunrise or sunset doesn’t work, the session has to take place on your private property to ensure we don’t run into crowds.

The reason why sunset or sunrise is best is better outlined in this blog post. Since I cannot control where your child may lead us, I need to have constant good light to work with. During midday, a bad patch of light will not give you the images I’m known for.

How sunset/sunrise will affect your backyard session

To prepare for your session, please send me a 360 video or panoramic photo of your outdoor spaces. If you want a sunrise session, please take the photos at that time on a CLOUDLESS day. This will be the worst-case scenario of light I will be dealing with and that information is important so I can tell you what direction I will be likely shooting in so that you can decide if the background is what you envisioned. You can also remove any unnecessary/unsightly objects so that the backdrop is clean. If you send me photos at a random time of day and not the whole backyard, I won’t have a full picture and the exercise will be ineffective.

Early morning family session in backyard
This was an 8:30am session in the backyard with a new puppy! We were able to have a later start because it was Fall (sunrise is later) and they had very tall trees in their yard to break up the direct light.

If you have a specific part of your outdoor space to be the backdrop, I need to see a photo of it and know the time of day you took the photo so I can tell you when is the best time to take photos given the backdrop restriction. Basically I want to ensure there isn’t full sun in your eyes during the session. You will squint. I want the sun to your back. The background will always be where the sun is.

Steps for a successful backyard/front yard session:

  • send me 360 videos/panoramic photos of your house taken during early morning and sunset.
  • tell me what time those images were taken
  • the direction of the sun will be your background (the sun will be to your back when I photograph you)
  • decide if there’s a part of your yard you want to highlight and what parts you want to avoid
  • communicate these considerations to me

Examples of directional light

Below you can see the sun in the photo. I am staying in the same position as the flower girl also passes. This is the ideal lighting situation.

The recessional after wedding during fall 2019

Below: Sun to their back. This rims the hair with beautiful light.

Boston family outdoors in the fall with sweaters

Same Concept:

Surprise proposal idea in Boston

Again… beautiful sun behind them.

Sunset and dad, mom and child at Boston Public Gardens

That’s not to say I always shoot with the suns to your back, but this is how I shoot 90% of the time. If it’s overcast, there is no direction to the light and I am fine with photographing ANYTIME basically. If it’s stormy and overcast, this is what that would look like (post). Another overcast day would look like this (post). Both sessions called for 40% chance of rain or more. I don’t need a sunny day to make gorgeous images. Working in New England you have to deal with the temperamental weather, otherwise, you have no business being a photographer here! I WISH we were blessed with gorgeous sunsets and light like they have constantly in California.

Family session just after the rain with puddles
Puddles add a really great dimension to photos and check out that sky! Forget about the muddy outfits and shoes and just play.

For more information on lighting, please see this blog post.

Unfortunately, I cannot argue with mother nature. Sunrise is sunrise and sunset is sunset. Rain may come and it may go. Again, the goal is to capture your family. I love splashes in the rain with rainboots. I love kids rolling in the mud. The story is up to you. If you want a no rain session, then we can reschedule as I’ve always had, but I am telling you it will not affect my images.

Rainy wedding day photo of bride and groom
A rain photo during a wedding day.

Session length

My sessions will be shorter this year to minimize exposure. That’s why I need your help to really hone in on your goals. Sessions will be about 40 minutes. For younger babies, I only need about 20 minutes to get some incredible images and the rest of the time I can give you space to allow for feeding, soothing, and whatever your baby needs. I’ve done this for a long time and it’s all about maximizing the time we have together to get some quality images. Sensing a theme? It’s all about quality over quantity. If things are going well and I can easily stay far away, I will be flexible with this timeline. That decision will be up to me, but discussed with you during our consultation.

Video Consults

Going forward for the rest of the sessions this year, I will be having video consults with all families the day of or the day before the session. This way we know we are all healthy and we can get the jitters out of the way. We can talk about your goals for the session and what the plan is / what are your prompts for play. I want to understand what you want and ensure I set your expectations about what is possible. I want to make sure we are all on the same page so that we can just start photographing when we meet in person. This is all about building trust and making everyone calmer about the session. I do not want this to be a stressful experience. Family photography should be fun and playful. These consults don’t have to be lengthy, but they have to happen.

Take away

Please only schedule a session if you’re willing to communicate with me during a video call and have a child-led session that has no direction from me. We can make small modifications based on your first inquiry, so please be as forthcoming as possible when inquiring about a session so I can tell you if it’s possible. My goal is to keep things fun, stress-free and all about communication so we can keep healthy. If I cannot guarantee a safe session, I run the risk of passing a sickness onto another family. I cannot have that happen and this is my plan for making it safe for everyone.

For information on further procedures and precautions I’m taking, please read the following posts to help ease your mind. I am taking this virus very seriously as I am sure you all are as well.

Phased Reopening Blog Post

Safety measures from March

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m here for you.

I hope this post was informative. Again, my goal is to let loose and have fun during our sessions in 2020-2021. Thanks for making it through to the end!

Baby eating watermelon during family session 2020

Our lives as we know it

Covid-19 / Coronavirus has severely impacted so many of us in unimaginable and numerous ways. I myself have closed my little business and will have to get used to having zero cash flow for my family for the foreseeable future. It was definitely not something I anticipated. I saw how hard hit the wedding photography industry was in China a couple of months ago and read how their industry was shuttering their studio doors. I should have better prepared. Their economy has been devastated by Covid-19. No weddings were permitted to take place, just as we are experiencing here. Since Spring is when so many new babies arrive, my first concern was how to serve my clients that I have had to postpone or cancel on. I immediately thought to write up some tips for newborn photos at home

For my self-isolated families

My hope is that it’s not too late to do something here about it. I am doing my part to flatten the curve by staying at home. I do not want to put anyone in harm’s way or take any unnecessary risks. This decision has unfortunately impacted my clients. I still want you to have the precious images of your newborn baby during this difficult time, so I am taking a moment to write some tips to get two images of your baby during the fresh newborn phase.

No baby is too old for “newborn” photos

Please know that it is NEVER too late to get newborn photos of your baby. I do not foresee this lasting more than 3-6 months. My hope is 1-2 months. Your newborn will grow and change so much in their first two years of life and every milestone and moment is worth capturing. When the stay at home request has been lifted and there is no longer a risk to my clients and healthcare workers, I will reopen for business and capture those precious little toes, delicate eyelashes, big eyes and round bellies. I’ve often photographed 3 month-olds using my newborn techniques because often times new parents are overwhelmed the first 3 months of dealing with their new roles. The first time they come up for air and think about photos is at the 3 month point.

100 day celebration

Not that I am necessarily saying our quarantine will last 3 months, but I wanted to give another perspective. A tradition for Asian families is to do a 100 day old photo session to show the strength and vitality of their new baby. Accordingly, this milestone is an important one. Many years ago, many childhood ailments affected newborn babies in their first months of life. Due to harsh winters, lack of medical care and knowledge, the survival rate of newborns was very low. Parents as a result kept their newborn home and away from large gatherings to ensure their baby’s best chance for survival. Upon the 100th day of life, parents would invite family to celebrate with food and festivities as their child had reached this important milestone.

To read more, please read about the Korean tradition Baek-il. The Chinese celebrate the one month. One of the best newborns I have ever photographed (slept through his entire session) was almost 5 weeks old.

Newborn Photos At Home: Two Images

I have two goal images that are my two most requested newborn images. I will be offering video chats for the families that have already booked me for newborn sessions but I have not been able to meet in person due to the current situation. For other new parents, please feel free to read the following tips and I hope it can help you capture those important images of your newborn baby.

Side-lying or tummy pose on a bed

This is my first go-to image that I love to create when the baby is fast asleep in my newborn photos at home. You cannot attempt this image without a sleeping baby. The first thing to do is to pick a spot where you would like your baby to be posed. Often times, it’s a show piece in your home like a favourite sofa, a master bed, or deep sitting chair. Please note that since you are not a professional, do not choose a surface that is not at least 3 feet deep and where you baby is placed at least 2 feet from the edge of the surface. Safety first.

What to look for when scouting for your newborn photos at home

When selecting a spot, please also check your background and the light source. Light is the first thing I see when I walk into a space. The spot you choose should be bathed in good light. The window should brightly light your baby when s/he is lying on the surface you have chosen. You do not want your baby to be in shadow. This will be challenging for an iphone to capture, or novice photographer.

The next thing I look for is clutter. You want to ensure that whatever fills the frame of your image looks good and looks like it’s there intentionally. You want to remove anything that doesn’t add to the image, such as laundry, sidetable clutter, power cables and toys in the background.


Here are some examples of the side-lying or tummy poses on beds, chairs or sofas. I will do my best to explain the light source direction so you know what to look for.

Side-lying newborn on ottoman with big sister
This is a side-lying pose on an ottoman. I draped a fuzzy fur rug over it to create texture. The window behind the siblings is the source of light. I expose for the face of the newborn, which creates a proper exposure on the baby, and creates a bright background that is white and bright and airy. If you expose for the background, (example let your camera or phone decide without selecting the subject as the baby) it will be a dark photo because it is back lit in this situation and your camera/phone will think the subject is the window.
Side-lying newborn on chair by plant | newborn photos at home
Another side-lying example. Source of light is a window coming from the top of the image. Please ensure that if you use a chair, you need a spotter. You cannot attempt this without two parents present. One never takes their eye off the baby. A newborn cannot roll, but please do not take the risk. Here my ‘background’ is actually what’s next to the chair because I have changed my angle. My perspective is now over the baby, photographing straight down. This shows the texture of the chair, the hardwood floor, a touch of the rug and a nearby plant.
Side-lying on ottoman | newborn photos at home
Another side-lying photo example for newborn photos at home
Side-lying on ottoman
This is a variation on the photo directly above. Once I had the newborn posed, I invited her siblings to partake in the photo. Again, a parent is standing nearby to ensure no one was squished!

In summary, the key things I always look for when I create images | newborn photos at home:

  • a statement piece to pose your baby on
  • a window or doorway for natural light
  • lack of clutter in your background

How to prepare for your newborn photos at home

Preparation is the key to success. I cannot emphasize this enough. The reason why families hire me again and again is because I deliver the images they love and treasure for years. I have seen families every year since almost when I began because it brings them so much joy. The reason I am able to create beautiful images each and every time is not because of luck. It’s because of the amount of preparation and knowledge I bring to each session.


Decide on what you like best! This may be based on the location you have chosen. I tell parents to always keep things in the same colour scheme. You never want to introduce too many colours. You do not want too many competing patterns. Keep it simple. I love a white onesie or white wrap. That way you can let your newborn shine! Do not overcomplicate things by planning for three or more outfits. If you see my galleries, my newborns are kept in 1-2 different outfits for the entire 2.5-3 hour session. Babies HATE being changed. Don’t do it.

Comfort of the baby

A full baby is a happy baby. Food coma is what you want for the duration of the photo session to make this as easy as possible for you. Also, HEAT is super important. If your baby will be swaddled, or in a onesie and you know your baby is nicely settled normally at regular temperature, then by all means… keep your regular temperature. If you find your baby has a tough time adjusting to your pose, you might want to turn up the heat, or use a space heater. 85F is what I do my newborn sessions at.

On the day of the photo session

Keep things as normal as possible. This photo session isn’t about rushing and cleaning at the last minute. It’s supposed to be fun and a time to enjoy together as a family! Have your outfit of choice laid out and make sure it’s clean. I wouldn’t worry too much if your baby poops during this process. Most kids don’t care too much about a dirty diaper. You know your baby best. Just know that if baby wakes up because of a diaper change, you will likely have to start the process again from the beginning (feeding) or wait for the next sleep cycle. Choose wisely.

Have your baby dressed in your wrap or onesie of choice before you feed. The reason you want to do this is because changing the baby after they’ve fallen asleep will almost guarantee to wake them up. If you are using a wrap, please read below about posing * to properly have arms/hands out. Use a bib to ensure your baby’s outfit doesn’t get soiled during the process. If you need to do some last minute pillow fluffing, or removal of clutter, your partner should do this at this time. Once your baby falls asleep it’s show time!

How to pose your baby

So this is the tricky part. You can’t just plop the baby on the bed. There’s a reason why home cell phone photos will look different than mine. The most important positioning that I focus on is hand position. * If you are using a swaddle, make sure you didn’t wrap all arms into the swaddle. This is just for the side-lying pose. For the second setup, you can put arms/hands in the wrap.

I always ensure the hands are stacked on top of one another like they sleeping like in a cartoon. Head stacked on top of arm, on top of arm. Visually it will look like this (ignore the feet!):

newborn toes and baby smiles | newborn photos at home
If baby is asleep I start with these images first. During this time I try and capture little details and tiny smiles.

Below is the same pose, just in dad’s arms. See how the head is stacked directly over the arms which are wedged under the cheek? This is very important. If you do not have this stacked position, the baby’s face will be blocked from the front by their hands.

Dad and newborn son
How to take photos at home | newborn photography at home

You want to either do this while you are still holding the baby (this is what I do) or if that’s not as easy for you, then place the baby on the surface you’ve chosen and then gently tuck the hands into position. I have done this many times over for many years so it takes me only a few moments to get them into this pose if they are asleep. The tricky part is keeping them asleep or having them fall asleep if they are awake. Since you are at home, you can attempt this several times whenever the right time arises. I have a narrow 2.5 hour window to get 100 unique images created during my newborn photos at home!

Cool decor in nursery with newborn
You’ve got an awesome nursery, then make use of it!

Now take the photo

Once baby is posed this way, get down to the level of your baby and photograph away! Do not stand over the baby. This variation can also be done, but it has to be intentional and photographing completely overhead of your baby. Do not just do an in-between angle. Basically I’m saying don’t be lazy. Do it right. Focus on ensuring you squat/stoop down enough to get the front-on angle first. Once you have this photo, then feel free to move around and photograph eyelashes, lips, hair, and get the top-down eagle-eye angle!

Baby on Back

If the other pose is failing, this is a fail-safe pose. There are many variations of this pose. I love doing this pose on a bed, on a rug, or in a crib. You can either swaddle all the arms in for this photo, or have them out. It’s up to you. Just ensure arms look posed and intentional, not just flailing about.


Here are some examples of baby on back.

Cool rug. Why not make use of it? Newborn photos at home
Newborn in crib on back in nursery
Same pose. Different baby. Different background. This time there’s a perfect little crib to use.
Newborn posed on back on bed
If arms are out, then I like to pose them under the head. This is tricky and not recommended for novices or if your baby is almost awake. Just a fun variation if you have the opportunity!


When you have a baby set up, make the most of it! Take another angle. Take a step back. Tell the story.

Newborn in crib | newborn photos at home
Decor details: newborn photos at home

You can add mom, or dad, or a pup even.

Newborn in crib with mom and pup | newborn photos at home
Pup with Newborn in nursery and crib | newborn photos at home
It’s all about the story-telling. A family isn’t complete without the details.

Take a moment to get the details. Convert the image to black and white for a more powerful image. I love juxtaposing the size of newborn’s features against their parents. They’ll never be this little ever again.

Newborn hands with parent in black and white
Details are essential: newborn photos at home

Summary for newborn photos at home

Those are my go-to poses for newborn sessions and most most requested poses. Have a read again on the day of your mini-shoot to make sure you know what to do. Babies sense if you’re uneasy. Do it with secure hands and with intention and they will stay asleep. If you are nervous they will wake up. If you at any point feel unsafe doing this, please stop. It’s not worth endangering your baby. The easiest pose is the baby on back pose (#2). I love the master bed for this pose. There is not risk of the baby falling anywhere.

Again, for my clients I am currently offering free mini video chats to walk you through this and to coach you. It should take about 15-20 minutes. It’s a difficult time, and I don’t want you to have regrets about missing out. I will be there to photograph your baby as soon as this stay at home request is lifted. Every phase should be treasured. Your baby will always be your baby.

Silver linings

To end, I want to leave you with a mini video I made of a 3 month old. Even if the quarantines lasts this long, don’t you think the mom in this video will treasure this forever? Newborn photos are incredible and I am known for creating timeless and creative images. That doesn’t mean I cannot also create beautiful images of your 3 or 6 month old. You will surely treasure those images for years to come.

I often tell parents of older ‘newborns’ that after 6 weeks the baby becomes more alert and their eyes open more regularly. This has its pros and cons. Cons are that you won’t get those sleeping photos. The pros? They have more personality around the 2 or 3 month mark and that’s when they start to smile. Don’t be disappointed about missing out on the newborn photos. Focus instead on the excitement of capturing your little one’s growing personality when that time comes.

When the world is allowed to come together again, I’ll be there.

Please keep safe and stay healthy. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

xoxo Bella

Gallery Examples | newborn photos at home

Examples of newborn galleries for inspiration:

Film and family example: Blog post 1

Single nursery room newborn example: Blog Post 2

Condo with single window example: Blog Post 3

If you have a newborn session booked with me

Lemonade out of lemons as they say. Good news for those that have already booked a session with me. I am offering 30-45 minute video calls for families that have been affected by the Coronavirus social distancing rules. To set up a chat, please reach out to me. These sessions are available M-F.

How to prepare

Things to have ready during your video call

Here is a list of things to have ready for our session. Please note that the best chance for success is to have a sleepy baby. Expect NOTHING will go to plan, but if you do feed your baby about an hour before this, we may have a good chance to catch your baby sleeping.

Please gather the following:

  • Your clean wrap / swaddle / onesie of choice
  • Two cell phones OR one cell phone + one DSLR (charged battery/memory cards)
  • Two locations of choice for your mini-session. Ensure the area is clear of clutter and looks the way you have intended. The best way to see if the background is clear is to actually just take a photo. Look at it and really analyze to see if there’s anything bothering you (such as cables, junk, toys, dust, etc). If you have issues, please send a photo to me at least the day before so I can give you feedback. I can also tell you on the spot once I see your video feed
  • A small stack of face washcloths or diapers (about 2-5). These will be used just for adjusting the pose in case the baby isn’t lifted high enough or is rolling backward/forwards.
  • An app for the call. I have an iphone so will default to Facetime. If you don’t have an iphone let me know and we can set up a zoom conference call.
  • Your baby

Things not to do

  • Don’t stress out. Babies sense stress. They won’t sleep. Just be normal
  • Don’t clean everything and run around the two hours before. It will be what it will be. This will affect your stress levels
  • Don’t bathe the baby within 48 hours of the session if you can. It’s a surefire way to get flaky, peeling skin. It might also overstimulate the baby if you do it the morning of. Babies are clean and don’t need to be bathed regularly like us old fogies.

Now what?

The two cell phones or one phone + DSLR will be used for the actual photo session. One phone will be used to give me a live feed of how your set up is looking and to give you feedback on the location and pose. I will also give you tips on lighting during your session and how to improve it. The DSLR or second cell phone will be used to take the actual photo. If you have different models of phones, take the photo with your newer phone as it likely will have better capabilities and specs.

Do not add any filters or anything to your image. Adding filters will distort the image and will make it difficult for me to edit using my own presets. If you have a DSLR that is awesome! Shoot in RAW if you can. JPEG is a good second option. If you have a DSLR, please let me know what lens you are using. I recommend either a 50mm, 35mm or 24mm lens for these images.

Free editing service for my clients

Once you have had your coaching session, please review your images. Choose your favourite two images. I will be offering to edit two of your images for your usage for announcements. Please take the photo in JPEG format. Do not send iphone files to me via cloud in HEIC format, etc. as I am not tech-savvy and I don’t know how to edit those files. By simply emailing me the files and they should be automatically converted to JPEG format. If not, please follow these steps.

Gifted Edit

If you are not a client, but you have followed the steps in this post, please reach out via my contact form and I will edit 1 complimentary image for you to keep as a memory of your newborn at this phase in their life! I want to make sure as many parents as possible are able to do their newborn photography at home


Thank you to my families that have offered to pay upfront for sessions that are postponed! I super appreciate it. Even though I won’t take you up on it, your commitment to me has truly lifted my spirits during this difficult time.

I am on the fence about adding the option to book a future session with me and receive this free video coaching call + free edits. If there is interest, I may offer this option starting the second week of April. The qualifications for this would be:

  1. You are willing to sign a contract for a future session (when I open my business again. I am currently reassessing this every week. Currently I am closed until May 4 by law. I may be closed until July/August, but that is TBD. I will reopen again when it’s safe for my clients and my family)
  2. Pay a non-refundable $150 retainer.

Please contact me via my contact page to set this option up. I will only be offering limited spots to ensure that each family gets the necessary attention for this project.


I was also asked about where to get wraps that are suitable. I love anything plain really. Even the hospital blanket you came home with. The only tricky thing is that it’s pure cotton so there is no stretch (which makes it easier). The items that are bold/italics below are linked to websites as sources.

Look to your home for inspiration.

If you love bold colours, then go bold! If you like textures, then I would suggest a cheesecloth-type newborn wrap.

I usually source mine from Etsy (I’ve linked some random stores as examples), but I don’t know the turnaround times in such unprecedented times. Make sure you have selected something labeled “RTS”, not custom made. This means it’s ready to ship. Something bigger box, I have purchased in the past things from Amazon or Aden & Anais. If you’re sourcing from Amazon, I would NOT get this type since you aren’t that familiar with wrapping techniques and it’s tricky to use (also diaper shows through). I recommend a muslin swaddle type wrap or cheesecloth.

Practice makes perfect

The main thing to remember is that you should not be wrapping for the first time when we do our photoshoot. Make sure you practice a few times the day before. It’s tricky and you will not get it secure the first several times. Ensure that sure you wash the wraps when you get them. Please let them hang dry as they are delicate.


And that’s it! Please feel free to share this post about newborn photos at home with anyone who you think may benefit. Thank you again for understanding why my small business has to close during this time to keep us all safe. I will see you all again soon.

Side-lying newborn on ottoman with big sister

The Loft Living Space

This loft-style apartment was filled with gorgeous natural light from the giant sized windows. Dad is a real estate agent and he bought this place when Boston downtown crossing area was still a sketchy area to be in. With all of the high end apartments and hotels going up in the last few years, he’s watched his investment really pay off. I of course benefited from this lovely investment as well because what photographer doesn’t love shooting in a sun-filled space? The apartment overlooked Boston Common and you can see the State House from their apartment. I have yet to post their maternity images taken at this space, but I assure you they are as gorgeous as you can imagine. This loft newborn session was truly a dream to photograph.

The Family

Mom-to-be found me online (which is in itself quite an achievement as I am the worst with SEO and marketing. I just started blogging this Spring 2019) and fell in love immediately with my style of photography. She’s a dream client because she was decisive, organized and just loved what I created for other families and wanted the same to document her son’s first year. She opted to do my Baby 1 year package (which began with her maternity session). To see images from his Fresh 48 session at Brigham and Women’s hospital please click HERE.

The Session

So not all newborns sleep and we are truly at their mercy. I have had families ask if I would do a mini newborn session at discounted pricing, but I always turn those requests down as I am not in control of the situation. If the baby sleeps, I can definitely be done in about an hour (not getting as creative as I would like, but there would be beautiful images created in a casual style), but it’s not about me and my wants. The newborn baby runs the show as they are brand new and working through a lot of new things (feeding, new sensations, non-schedules, new experiences like a photo session, lots of visitors) so I cannot predict what a 2 week old will do.

At the beginning of my career, I tried to make clients happy by trying these shorter sessions and they have always ended in disaster. Parents are stressed once babies get fussy which affects the newborn because kids are very perceptive. The 2.5 hour session allows for the unexpected to occur and feedings and any other situations that may pop up.

Understanding your body and mastering the poses that fit your shape to create flattering angles for your face and body also takes time. It’s how I create the images in my portfolio and why families keep returning time and time again to me. I have been fine tuning my skills for quite a number of years and I’m proud of each and every session. There is no shortcut.

The Loft Newborn Session Images

Even though baby Barnett was fussy I took every opportunity to create keepsake images. When he was feeding I took detail photos of his nursery, or closeup details of his body and features. There is no wasted time. When he was full and ready we had him settled right at the tail end of our session for 15 minutes to create the bedroom images and daddy + baby nursery photos. I am so happy we were able to get him settled and outlasted him.

Newborn in crib in nursery in Boston downtown loft
He was fast asleep when I first arrived so I took a few emergency photos
Newborn lifestyle loft session Boston nursery
Check out that nursery
Puppy in newborn lifestyle session
The first baby
Smiling newborn baby in parent's arms in nursery
Baby smiles
Newborn nursery in Boston downtown loft lifestyle session
Newborn nursery in Boston downtown loft lifestyle session
Puppy investigates newborn sibling
big sister wanted to check out the new family member.
Mom cradling newborn on couch in loft apartment in Boston
newborn held by mother
Post feed smiles
Nursery details in Boston downtown loft
During his feeding time, I took some time to do details in his nursery.
Nursery details in Boston downtown loft
newborn in bassinet with mom holding his hands
Feeding newborn in mother's arms
He had multiple feedings so we did some detail photos while he was calm.
Newborn fuzz
Newborn fuzz
Mother holding newborn with state house in background
With a view like that I knew I had to make use of it.
Mother holding newborn in nursery
Crib in nursery with newborn
Newborn nursery in Boston downtown loft lifestyle session
Newborn in downtown Boston loft
Their hallway was perfectly styled. I had to make use of it during this loft newborn session.
father holding newborn son in Boston apartment
parents holding baby boy in apartment in Boston with state house in background
parents holding baby boy in apartment in Boston with state house in background
He FINALLY decided he was tired and fell asleep.
parents holding baby boy on bed
Working quickly to get a lot of variety in 15 minutes.
parents holding baby boy on bed kissing
Parents holding newborn on bed in bedroom newborn lifestyle session
mom with newborn baby
mother stroking son's hair during newborn session
mom with newborn baby
dad holding son being embraced by mom
new dad holding newborn son in nursery

And that’s a wrap. Thank you to this wonderful family for being so patient and willing to push through. It’s a delicate balance to know when you need to end a session before everyone is too exhausted and overstimulated, while also delivering the quality and variety of work you’re known for. I know they will treasure these images for years to come. I cannot wait for their next family session when Baby Barnett gets a bit older.

Family Film

In Spring of 2019 I introduced family films. Baby 1 year package babies are locked in for the duration of their package to receive a film for their sessions. To see his newborn film, please visit my vimeo site and see the below video:

I will eventually also share their maternity session when I get a moment. Please stay tuned.

Newborn in downtown Boston loft

The in-hospital session

The Fresh 48 portion of this Baby 1 Year Package took place at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Like all births, things don’t necessarily go to plan. The brave and beautiful first time mom had to undergo an unscheduled c-section to deliver her beautiful boy. Our Fresh 48 session took place toward the end of their stay at the hospital. The truth of the matter is, health takes priority and these hospital sessions take place when the mom and baby are feeling strong again.

This was the second time I got to see them (I’ll be sharing their maternity photos on the blog soon) and the first time I got to meet baby Barnett. Isn’t he a gorgeous little guy? And I could not get over how the mom had the EXACT outfit I envisioned. I didn’t know what she planned out ahead of time, but I was over the moon when she said she had a knotted gown and cap which was exactly what I had imagined to photograph her baby in. It’s always serendipitous when clients and photographer match aesthetics to a T.

Fresh 48 images

Please enjoy baby Barnett’s newborn images. He was a dream and slept like a champ the whole time. Admittedly I used all my sleepy time with him as he didn’t sleep but a wink during his newborn session a couple of weeks later. Babies will be babies and I always warn parents that they run the show. We were still able to get GORGEOUS images of the family in spite of the fussy newborn. As a professional you have to deliver even under the most demanding of scenarios. If you’re interested in seeing his newborn session at their loft apartment in downtown Boston, please click HERE. I am incredibly proud of the images we were able to create. We focused in two rooms and a hallway. You don’t have to move around too much to get a lot of variety and poses.

Newborn feet taken during Fresh 48 newborn session in Boston Brigham and women's hospital
Newborn feet are so adorable
Newborn fresh 48 portraits at brigham and women's hospital session
Isn’t he beautiful?
Parents holding newborn in hospital during fresh 48 session
This session took place at Brigham & women’s hospital in Boston
Beautiful parents holding their newborn at Boston hospital
Beautiful parents holding their newborn at Boston hospital
It’s always exciting to try and not get all the medical equipment and posters in the photo. Thankfully the dad is a great model and blocked a lot of the devices.
Newborn in bassinet at hospital
Enjoying their new babe.
Parents holding newborn at fresh 48 session
Baby yawns – how cute!
Parents holding newborn at fresh 48 session
Newborn in knotted onesie in bassinet at hospital
Outfit change to this perfect knotted onesie.
Newborn in knotted onesie in bassinet at hospital
dad cradling newborn son at hospital
Mom was understandably tired so we finished up quickly and with some focus photos on new dad and his baby son.

To see his follow-up newborn session and to see how much he’s changed in two weeks, please click HERE.

Baby 1 year package babies are locked in for a year to include my complimentary family films. For his newborn + fresh 48 session film, please see my vimeo account here:

Newborn in bassinet at hospital

Boston & Cambridge newborn lifestyle photographer

I’ve been specializing for quite a few years on at home newborn lifestyle sessions. I used to try and make newborn images that looked like other photographer’s newborn images. I realized I never really loved that backdrop style of newborn session and as a result I never thrived with that. It was difficult to lug a giant beanbag and backdrops with wraps to each person’s home as well. By the time I arrived I was often exhausted. When I began looking, I mean truly looking, at people’s homes when I arrived and set up, I realized that there were so many unique and wonderful aspects of the home that were already there for me to make use of. Each piece of the home was carefully curated, and matched the taste of the family that lived there… so why I was bringing these pre-purchased generic backdrops from TJ Maxx to block those heirloom items out?

This made me realize what I truly wanted to do was to feature the home as this was the centre of each and every family. From that point on, I realized that this is what I wanted to do as a Boston / Cambridge newborn photographer.

Cambridge City Home

Cambridge homes tend to be dark and packed in close together. I myself live in Davis Square so I know how tough it is to have an airy and well lit home. When mom Cathy reached out to me she wasn’t sure if her home would be ready for a newborn. She actually wanted to delay because she felt the home would be a mess with a newborn. I am so happy I convinced her otherwise. If you scroll below you’ll see what I mean. Their home was newly renovated with huge windows that allowed so much light to fill the space. And her taste in furniture and styling was impeccable. What a dream this family was to photograph.

Cambridge Newborn lifestyle session Images

Her son slept like an absolute champ. As a result we were able to move around really well and make use of his nursery as well as the living and bedrooms. I usually stay in 1-2 rooms, but because he was so cooperative I moved quickly. Every baby is different and I try and warn parents of this ahead of time. Please have no expectations. Things will 100% not go to plan. Whatever happens will happen and it’s my job to capture a curated and beautiful set of images no matter what your baby tosses my way. My clients come back to me time and time again because they’ve told me no matter what happens, they are always shocked at the images I create. That’s my job as a professional. Any photographer can make images under perfect scenarios, it’s when everything goes wrong that a pro gets to shine.

The nursery

Baby lying on chair in nursery
Parents holding newborn son in nursery
I used the same set and ottoman the parents are sitting on here to create the first image. You don’t have to move far to get a completely new set of images.
Parents looking at son in crib in his nursery in Boston
Newborn nursery in Cambridge, MA during newborn lifestyle session
Check out this nursery
Newborn in crib in nursery
Family sitting in nursery holding newborn during family session at home
It’s not a big room, but there are so many areas to play in
Newborn in his nursery being looked at by his mom and dad
Love the nursery details
Parents holding newborn son
Newborn fingers and parents holding baby

The Bedroom Images

Newborn lying on bed with mother's stuffed animal
His parent’s favourite toy made it into the session.
Mom snuggling newborn son on bed
Parents holding newborn and cuddling
Parents holding newborn and cuddling
Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Living Room Images

Newborn looking at parents while being held in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Time to move to the final room
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Gorgeous tablescape with beautiful coffee table books.
Newborn being held by parents
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
When babies are awake, it’s basically game over. Incredibly cute though! Look at that face. I saw this basket holding blankets just under one of the tables. Why not use it?

I hope you enjoyed browsing this newborn lifestyle session at home. If this is something you would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information, all of my pricing is 100% transparent and visible on my website. For FAQs please see my contact page.

Newborn in his nursery being looked at by his mom and dad

Newborn lifestyle session at home

Honing my craft to both feature the home, as well as hide clutter if there is any (Let’s be honest; people live in these homes and they’re not always styled like they’re ready to be put on the market) has been one of my main concerns as a lifestyle session newborn photographer. I can honestly say that within minutes of walking into a home I can assess the light as well as the best way to showcase a home (all this while engaging with toddlers, calming parents and setting up my gear mind you). It’s one of the skills you pick up after doing this several times a week for quite a few years. I am being honest when I tell people I can make any space work.

However when I walked into Heather’s gorgeously renovated seaside home, my mouth was agape. The rooms were bathed with gorgeous light, the walls a reflective white that allowed me to shoot in every angle. Not often are we gifted with such a stunning backdrop with which to work. And on top of all that she has the cutest family ever. I’d have to say the pup stole the show and the final images of the blog post are some adorable outtakes I had to leave in their gallery.

The Outfits

I always tell people to let their decor guide their outfit choices. You want the palette of your coordinated outfits to be in sync with the colours in your home. Since her palette was very neutral with punches of ocean blue, it provided a great foundation to work with. I love how she worked in blues with purples and a touch of pink. A maximum of 3 colours in a palette is a great space to stay and play within. Introducing more colours tends to muddy the look, creating a not so cohesive look.

Lifestyle newborn photos

We moved around the home because everything was so lovely. From the main living room, to the nursery and even up top to their finished attic – no space was left untread. Please enjoy Sloane’s newborn images.

Smiling family photo featuring newborn in new england home
The classic family posed photo is what I always aim to create for each session. We all know this is the most difficult image as toddlers have their own ideas. I am pleased to say that I am still at 100% for delivery of this almost impossible photo.
Adorable brother and sister hugging and posing for photo
We have to feature the older siblings because they need some love too!
Older siblings kissing baby sister on chair in New England home
And then we can transition the newborn into the image.
Big sister touching baby newborn's nose
Boop. Love this photo.
newborn lifestyle session at home
I love to create a statement newborn photo with each session
dog and newborn in nursery
The oldest sibling was feeling a bit left out so we included him in some photos.
dog and newborn in nursery
Isn’t this the sweetest?
Mother and baby in nursery featuring crib
Love how Heather styled this nursery
parents holding newborn in nursery
Just look at that room
parents holding newborn in nursery
parents holding newborn in nursery
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England

You can find similar nursery wall art on Etsy

This link will take you to one very similar

Newborn in nursery featuring tent
That tent!
Mom holding baby in lifestyle newborn session
The attic
Mom holding baby in lifestyle newborn session on bed
New England Family photos
More photos outside!
funny dog during family photos with newborn
And finally the outtakes as promised

To see another newborn lifestyle session please CLICK HERE

Big sister touching baby newborn's nose

The family

Over the past several years as a Boston newborn photographer, I have been fine tuning my newborn lifestyle photography. In 2019 I have decided to take the next step and introduce family films to better round out the story telling experience. I’m so excited to be including this in my newborn lifestyle photography sessions and Baby 1 Year packages. Please note that this product offering is for a limited time only and will eventually be sold as a separate add-on once I build my portfolio. Baby 1 Year package babies will be locked into this model for the entirety of their package (so they have the option to include a family film for each of their sessions during the first year).

This is the 6th visit I’ve had with this beautiful family. The first time I met them was when their eldest was born. Now his baby sister has arrived and they are old pros at this. Their first session was in an apartment just outside Boston in Medford. They’ve moved to Lynnfield since then and I adore their home.

Please enjoy their at home Boston newborn lifestyle session. Please stay until the end to view the family film that was created alongside these images. This will show you how I am seamlessly able to create films while creating keepsake images to go on your home’s walls. The key is trust and this family trusted me to capture their family as it is today. It’s like creating a time capsule so they can step back into this memory any time they choose.

Her newborn lifestyle images

Newborn in nursery in Boston
Check out this nursery. It may be small, but it’s perfect.
Newborn session by Bella Wang Photography Boston photographer
Newborn solo posed images are my jam
Newborn in crib in Boston by Bella Wang Photography
Family photos taken during a newborn lifestyle at home session
Kisses and hugs for baby sister
Big brother is so proud to hold his baby newborn sister
You have to be quick sometimes to capture these important (fleeting) moments
Newborn posed in home during lifestyle photography session
Even a dark home with a dark backdrop can make for stunning images. You just have to use the space well and know how to shape light.
Family photo featuring newborn in lifestyle session at home
There are always a couple of options that I create for the classic family portrait for grandparents (everyone smiling at the camera)
But these are honestly my favourite : snuggles and appreciation.
Nothing beats candid chaos!
Toddler and baby sister
And my ideal client wouldn’t have it any other way.
newborn lifestyle session at home in Boston area
A home has many spaces and I try to capture it in the best way possible.
newborn lifestyle session at home
It’s all about posing and direction.
newborn lifestyle session at home
Love the drapey dolman sleeved sweater – flattering and reflective and matches her walls perfectly.
newborn held in mother's hands and being held in a chair
It was raining for the first half of our session so the single window room upstairs got a bit more light toward the end. Headed upstairs to capture a few more images while dad fed the toddler.
newborn held in mother's hands
Black and white image
They’re only this small for so long.
Baby girl in bonnet
And that’s a wrap. Found this adorable hat in her nursery and paired it with mom’s sweater. Unexpected adornments are so fun and who says you can’t raid a closet to accent a session?

Her newborn film

New in 2019 I am including a complimentary family film with my Boston (and surrounding areas) newborn lifestyle sessions. I have been creating mini snippets and “behind the scenes” surprises for my clients for the past couple of years as a surprise when they view their slideshows. I am now creating full films for sessions provided clients are OK with dedicating a portion of their session to me capturing film snippets.

A general rule as guidance is that 10 minutes of time during a session will generate about 1 minute of film. During this Boston newborn session I filmed snippets along the way during each setup when the newborn was settled and created this wonderful keepsake film. Hollywood has mislead us all and we now expect 2 hours of footage from 2 hours of things happening. Little do we realize that months upon months of planning, story-boarding, script writing, practice and finally filming go into a 2 hour film. No one wants to see the original 600 hour cut of the film. It’s only the best takes and gems that make it into the final film.

Why films?

I always felt that photos only captured a portion of the story. This is like stepping back into a memory once these babies grow up. (side note: I love seeing our past images plastered all over their walls!) If you would like more information, pop me a contact form and I can send over my online magazine. See what separates me and makes me unique among a sea of other Boston Newborn Photographers.

Photography and film by Bella Wang Photography

For another newborn lifestyle session post please CLICK HERE

Newborn in crib in Boston by Bella Wang Photography

Kristina found me on google which was unique as most of my clients find me by word of mouth. I am the worst at the business side of things so I have always let things like blogging and submissions slide. I have since decided that 2019 was the year I was finally going to start blogging regularly. I’ll be adding more newborn lifestyle sessions on the blog soon.

When Kristina first reached out she told me she fell in love with my casual and modern style of newborn lifestyle photography. I love that my images attracts the types of clients that will best showcase my work and appreciate what I offer. This was a match made in heaven.

The Session

When the time came for C’s newborn session, the little guy had other things in mind. He was awake and fussy for a good part of our session, so we had to focus on calming him. I do not think at all it limited the amount of gorgeous images we were able to create in their Back Bay apartment. I was even more impressed when Kristina told me she wasn’t an interior decorator by trade and was actually in the medical field. A woman of many talents.

The Newborn Lifestyle Images

Please enjoy C’s newborn lifestyle session at home.

At home newborn lifestyle session in Back Bay, Boston
Check out that gorgeous home decor
Parents holding baby boy At home newborn lifestyle session in Back Bay, Boston
This Back Bay Boston at home lifestyle session was perfection
Parents holding newborn son in lifestyle session
A lot of options for posing in this one room
Newborn lifestyle session at home
Check out that adorable little face
awake newborn during lifestyle at home session in Boston
Sleeping apparently is overrated for this very awake newborn
Newborn in nursery
When it was clear he really just wanted a feeding, we took the time for that in his nursery (no windows, but that’s Boston for you)
Newborn lifestyle session at home
If your baby decides he wants to be awake for the session, you make lemonade and just enjoy those gorgeous eyes and move around.
Newborn looking at mom
He just didn’t want to miss a thing.
newborn fingers and details
He finally fell asleep so I moved quickly and captured his little details – an important request by the mom in her questionnaire
Newborn eyelashes and fingers
Newborn eyelashes and fingers
Newborn details and newborn in kitchen
Show casing the home is what I love during these at home newborn lifestyle sessions. And what a home to showcase!
Newborn being held by mom in home
Newborn statement photos during these newborn sessions are what I am known for.
Newborn with mother and father being held
When things are going well, you can move quickly
Dad and newborn son
Dad needs some special time too
family newborn photos
lifestyle family photos are my favourite
Newborn with father and mother in home
Showcase photos for mom and for dad. I always look for interesting design elements and poses to complement
Newborn being held by mother
Fresh new babes only stay this small for so long
newborn at home
Newborn solo images round out the session
Newborn being held by father
Baby boy smiles!
single room lifestyle newborn session
One window in the apartment but we made great use of it.
family photos with newborn
Newborn lifestyle sessions at home are the best.
Newborn being held by father
At the end of the session, we took off the wrap and baby boy stayed fast asleep. About time.
Newborn being held by father and mother
So we snuck in a few more casual family photos

Boston newborn photographer Bella Wang Photography + Films

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modern newborn lifestyle session in Boston

The Location

Being a South End newborn lifestyle photographer, I travel all over Boston and love to see the unique homes that people style and put together. I am always so impressed that their homes look straight out of a magazine, especially when just welcoming a fresh newborn. South End homes typically don’t have a lot of light, so I was surprised to walk into a loft apartment in this South End location. Who doesn’t love a bank of windows and white walls?

I love the neighbourhood as well. You are surrounded by new restaurants including a favourite of mine, Bar Mezzena. Also, how can you think of South End without not also thinking of SOWA?

The Outfits

Christi originally picked out another outfit completely. Upon seeing the styling of her home, we quickly picked out this flowy blouse to complete the look and I couldn’t be happier with how things coordinated. When picking out outfits for a newborn session, I always guide new moms to look for something flowy. White also helps to reflect light and fill in any shadows you may have picked up from the lack of sleep during the first few weeks of motherhood.

What is a lifestyle newborn session?

My style is a mix of posed newborn images, lifestyle family images and also establishing photos of your home. This way you have a perfect little time capsule of this part of your lives. I love incorporating the home because a studio just feels like you’re leaving a part of the story untold. Parents have also told me that getting out of the home with a fresh newborn is also quite the challenge. This way, I come to you which helps to relieve some stress I’m sure.

Please enjoy Madison’s newborn lifestyle images taken at her home in the South End, Boston. If you’re looking for a South End newborn photographer, you’ve come to the right place.

The Newborn Lifestyle Images

Newborn lifestyle photo
Newborn lifestyle images don’t have to be completely unposed. I love to have one iconic photo for announcements created for each session
newborn toes and baby smiles
If baby is asleep I start with these images first. During this time I try and capture little details and tiny smiles.
mom and newborn baby girl
Moms are such an important part so I love capturing these tender moments.
mom, dad and newborn baby girl
A selection of images from the session for both mom and dad.
Lifestyle images are all about moments and interaction. That connection is so important
Lifestyle images are all about moments and interaction. That connection is so important
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
This is the room photo where you can see the home this family created for their little one
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
I love to use each piece of furniture in a room. You don’t have to move around too much to make a lot of images.
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
Another newborn statement images for variety to give parents choice for the announcement
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
And why not sneak in some more photos for dad.
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
Being held in daddy’s arms make for baby smiles
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston | South End Newborn Photographer
Some classic family portraits
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston and nursery
Newborn nursery features
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston | South End Newborn Photographer
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston
So much love for her baby girl
lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston | South End Newborn Photographer

South End Newborn Photographer

I love intimate spaces with gorgeous lights. As you can see, this entire session was photographed in just one room, Madison’s nursery. I don’t need a lot of space to create great images. It’s about documenting your home in its best light. I am a natural light photographer and these lofts are bathed in the most gorgeous natural sunlight most of the day.

When scheduling your newborn session, keep an eye on the light of your home. Typically, I schedule my sessions about 2 hours on either side of noon. This ensures an even distribution of light as the sun comes directly from overhead at this time of day. If your home is in a basement, please reach out to ensure we can photograph your home in the best way possible.

To see Madison’s 1 year photos at the Boston Public Gardens, please CLICK HERE

lifestyle family session at home in South End Boston

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