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Now what?

Your wedding or session date has come and gone

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what to expect

Thank you so much for trusting me with your memories. Your session date has come and gone, your images have been backed up and stored in two locations. Now what should you expect?


Your contract has the official turnaround times (3-4 months for weddings, 2 months for portraits), but typically weddings take 2.5 months to process and engagements or portrait sessions take about 5 weeks


I pride myself in providing a fast turnaround on teasers! Within 5 business days of your session you will get several of my favourite images in a slideshow format.

These images can be provided in web-size and watermarked for your immediate usage before the entire gallery is ready.  If you tag me on social media, then I'll upload the high-res/non-watermarked. Just ask!  

+ You will get a mailing reminder of my current turnaround time after your session/wedding. Keep it handy as a reminder! If I get done earlier, I'll definitely send the gallery! 

+ I know you're excited to get them sooner! Please use your teasers immediately for Thank You cards or any other gifts.

+ If you prefer rushed processing, that option is available if you book at least 2 months prior to your wedding day or during your portrait contract step. Check contract for details! Otherwise, it's initialed by you to acknowledge the standard processing time. 

+ Quicker turnarounds occur during off-season months (busy season is April-June + September-end of December)

+ Once your images are completed, you'll get an instant online gallery to access.  I'll also send my choices images to print if you made the contract deadline (ie I didn't have to followup with anyone about contracts). This will take about 4-5 days to get back to me and then your images will go in the mail.

+ Family films will be worked on during the winter months/slow times.

+ I know you're excited as we approach my quoted turnaround time! Just know I will NOT provide an 'update' if you reach out a couple of days-day of the quoted turnaround time.

+ Images will be done +/- 3 days of my quoted turnaround time but definitely by the contractual deadline. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause a slight delay (sickness, car issues, tech problems) but know I am working nonstop to get you your images.

telling your story WITH artful EXCELLENCE AND PURPOSE.

Holiday deadlines

Portraits: December 1

Weddings: October 18

My holiday deadlines (Full Digital Gallery by December 25):

+ TIP: if you want to guarantee a certain date, please reach out to adjust your contract + invoice

+Note: Prints and delivery of USB/products not guaranteed by this deadline. Only digital delivery.


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I can't wait to bring your vision to life.

The more you communicate with me via pictures with a mood board or Pinterest board, the better I will understand your vision. Of course, we can just celebrate you as you are and how you show up! I'll adapt to your spirit and personality and there's absolutely no pressure to be anything you're not.  Just be honest and open.

- Bella