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Boston Public Gardens Spring Family session


I first met this beautiful family when little Madison was born. They live in the South End but were relocating after med school to a new home town. Before they left, they wanted to capture the iconic Boston Public Gardens one last time because this was where their baby girl was born. I am always so flattered when I get invited back as the family photographer. Their Boston Public Gardens family session started in the morning before the park got too busy. Nothing beats the weeping willows, the pond and duckling statues when it comes to capturing signature Boston for a family photography session.

The Outfits

Mom Christi has fantastic taste so I had no doubts she’d pull it all off again. Just look at that adorable pink romper that matches mom’s rose shirt. The key to pulling it all together is that the romper also features the same blues in dad’s shirt. I always suggest to keep the palette to a maximum of 2 colours so it all looks cohesive. They definitely nailed that Spring vibe. When you book a session with me I consult you on outfits and provide an outfit planning tool to help coordinate your spring outfits.

The Family Images

Like all independently minded 1 year olds, miss Madison had her own ideas and we played and sang songs to keep her entertained. Her happiest times of course were when she was left alone to crawl about. Those photos come at the end and you can see her truly come alive. Ahh babies… they always have their own ideas. As a family photographer, you have to move quickly, think even faster and be prepared for those glorious smiles that fade in a microsecond.

Please enjoy their classic iconic Boston Public Gardens Family Session

Family photos at the Boston Public Gardens
I love getting a ‘safe photo’ first to ensure the parents’ must have photos are grabbed and out of the way. It takes so much pressure off the rest of the session
Make way for ducklings family photo
Lots of love for mommy on the little ducklings.
Make way for ducklings Boston Public Gardens Family photos
And we can’t forget about dad. I get these photos done in the first 5 minutes of a session just in case.
Boston public gardens family photos by the willows
Just down towards the pond you have the iconic weeping willows for a classic Boston Family Photo.
Weeping Willow Trees in the Boston Public Gardens family photography
I love to get a feel for each family and classic outfits call for classic images.
Boston public gardens family photos
Little miss had her own ideas of course so played some games to make her smile
Boston Public Gardens family photography
Baby kisses
Bridge in the Boston Public Gardens Family photographer
We had to capture the iconic bridge.
Boston Public Gardens Family photography
Wandering to check out the blossoms.
Baby girl in Boston Public Gardens
We had about a split second before she was out of there.
Family walking in Boston Public Gardens
The iconic family photo in the Boston Public Gardens
Boston public gardens family photo
There is so much variety in the public gardens to serve as a backdrop. With babies you just have to keep moving.
toddler photo in the Public Gardens in Boston
She’s on the move
Family photos in the Boston Public Gardens
Learning to walk at one!
Family photos in the Boston Public Gardens
That’s a wrap.

Boston Family Photographer Bella Wang Photography

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