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Boston newborn session + film


The family

Over the past several years as a Boston newborn photographer, I have been fine tuning my newborn lifestyle photography. In 2019 I have decided to take the next step and introduce family films to better round out the story telling experience. I’m so excited to be including this in my newborn lifestyle photography sessions and Baby 1 Year packages. Please note that this product offering is for a limited time only and will eventually be sold as a separate add-on once I build my portfolio. Baby 1 Year package babies will be locked into this model for the entirety of their package (so they have the option to include a family film for each of their sessions during the first year).

This is the 6th visit I’ve had with this beautiful family. The first time I met them was when their eldest was born. Now his baby sister has arrived and they are old pros at this. Their first session was in an apartment just outside Boston in Medford. They’ve moved to Lynnfield since then and I adore their home.

Please enjoy their at home Boston newborn lifestyle session. Please stay until the end to view the family film that was created alongside these images. This will show you how I am seamlessly able to create films while creating keepsake images to go on your home’s walls. The key is trust and this family trusted me to capture their family as it is today. It’s like creating a time capsule so they can step back into this memory any time they choose.

Her newborn lifestyle images

Newborn in nursery in Boston
Check out this nursery. It may be small, but it’s perfect.
Newborn session by Bella Wang Photography Boston photographer
Newborn solo posed images are my jam
Newborn in crib in Boston by Bella Wang Photography
Family photos taken during a newborn lifestyle at home session
Kisses and hugs for baby sister
Big brother is so proud to hold his baby newborn sister
You have to be quick sometimes to capture these important (fleeting) moments
Newborn posed in home during lifestyle photography session
Even a dark home with a dark backdrop can make for stunning images. You just have to use the space well and know how to shape light.
Family photo featuring newborn in lifestyle session at home
There are always a couple of options that I create for the classic family portrait for grandparents (everyone smiling at the camera)
But these are honestly my favourite : snuggles and appreciation.
Nothing beats candid chaos!
Toddler and baby sister
And my ideal client wouldn’t have it any other way.
newborn lifestyle session at home in Boston area
A home has many spaces and I try to capture it in the best way possible.
newborn lifestyle session at home
It’s all about posing and direction.
newborn lifestyle session at home
Love the drapey dolman sleeved sweater – flattering and reflective and matches her walls perfectly.
newborn held in mother's hands and being held in a chair
It was raining for the first half of our session so the single window room upstairs got a bit more light toward the end. Headed upstairs to capture a few more images while dad fed the toddler.
newborn held in mother's hands
Black and white image
They’re only this small for so long.
Baby girl in bonnet
And that’s a wrap. Found this adorable hat in her nursery and paired it with mom’s sweater. Unexpected adornments are so fun and who says you can’t raid a closet to accent a session?

Her newborn film

New in 2019 I am including a complimentary family film with my Boston (and surrounding areas) newborn lifestyle sessions. I have been creating mini snippets and “behind the scenes” surprises for my clients for the past couple of years as a surprise when they view their slideshows. I am now creating full films for sessions provided clients are OK with dedicating a portion of their session to me capturing film snippets.

A general rule as guidance is that 10 minutes of time during a session will generate about 1 minute of film. During this Boston newborn session I filmed snippets along the way during each setup when the newborn was settled and created this wonderful keepsake film. Hollywood has mislead us all and we now expect 2 hours of footage from 2 hours of things happening. Little do we realize that months upon months of planning, story-boarding, script writing, practice and finally filming go into a 2 hour film. No one wants to see the original 600 hour cut of the film. It’s only the best takes and gems that make it into the final film.

Why films?

I always felt that photos only captured a portion of the story. This is like stepping back into a memory once these babies grow up. (side note: I love seeing our past images plastered all over their walls!) If you would like more information, pop me a contact form and I can send over my online magazine. See what separates me and makes me unique among a sea of other Boston Newborn Photographers.

Photography and film by Bella Wang Photography

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