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Newborn Lifestyle Session New England


Newborn lifestyle session at home

Honing my craft to both feature the home, as well as hide clutter if there is any (Let’s be honest; people live in these homes and they’re not always styled like they’re ready to be put on the market) has been one of my main concerns as a lifestyle session newborn photographer. I can honestly say that within minutes of walking into a home I can assess the light as well as the best way to showcase a home (all this while engaging with toddlers, calming parents and setting up my gear mind you). It’s one of the skills you pick up after doing this several times a week for quite a few years. I am being honest when I tell people I can make any space work.

However when I walked into Heather’s gorgeously renovated seaside home, my mouth was agape. The rooms were bathed with gorgeous light, the walls a reflective white that allowed me to shoot in every angle. Not often are we gifted with such a stunning backdrop with which to work. And on top of all that she has the cutest family ever. I’d have to say the pup stole the show and the final images of the blog post are some adorable outtakes I had to leave in their gallery.

The Outfits

I always tell people to let their decor guide their outfit choices. You want the palette of your coordinated outfits to be in sync with the colours in your home. Since her palette was very neutral with punches of ocean blue, it provided a great foundation to work with. I love how she worked in blues with purples and a touch of pink. A maximum of 3 colours in a palette is a great space to stay and play within. Introducing more colours tends to muddy the look, creating a not so cohesive look.

Lifestyle newborn photos

We moved around the home because everything was so lovely. From the main living room, to the nursery and even up top to their finished attic – no space was left untread. Please enjoy Sloane’s newborn images.

Smiling family photo featuring newborn in new england home
The classic family posed photo is what I always aim to create for each session. We all know this is the most difficult image as toddlers have their own ideas. I am pleased to say that I am still at 100% for delivery of this almost impossible photo.
Adorable brother and sister hugging and posing for photo
We have to feature the older siblings because they need some love too!
Older siblings kissing baby sister on chair in New England home
And then we can transition the newborn into the image.
Big sister touching baby newborn's nose
Boop. Love this photo.
newborn lifestyle session at home
I love to create a statement newborn photo with each session
dog and newborn in nursery
The oldest sibling was feeling a bit left out so we included him in some photos.
dog and newborn in nursery
Isn’t this the sweetest?
Mother and baby in nursery featuring crib
Love how Heather styled this nursery
parents holding newborn in nursery
Just look at that room
parents holding newborn in nursery
parents holding newborn in nursery
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England
Mom holding newborn in nursery in New England

You can find similar nursery wall art on Etsy

This link will take you to one very similar

Newborn in nursery featuring tent
That tent!
Mom holding baby in lifestyle newborn session
The attic
Mom holding baby in lifestyle newborn session on bed
New England Family photos
More photos outside!
funny dog during family photos with newborn
And finally the outtakes as promised

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