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Journey into Parenthood

Many of my Baby 1 Year packages starts with a maternity session. Many families want to remember this milestone and moment in their lives. It’s a short but important period in their lives. Documenting this time isn’t something I take lightly. I love figuring out what each family wants to portray and I want to understand their goals and their vibe. Every family is different. If you’re looking for a Boston maternity photographer to capture these precious memories for you, then have a look at my Boston maternity photography below to see if we would be a good fit. At the end of the blog post, I’ll link to another urban maternity photo session as well as an at home lifestyle maternity session.

Boston Maternity Photographer

I’ve been photographing families for over 8 years and over that time, I’ve learned many skills with regard to posing to fit every type of personality. I’m mainly inspired by outfits and locations. Lindsey and Tim chose Larz Anderson Park for their backdrop and the columns and architectural elements lent perfectly to their glamorous outfits.

How to find your Boston-area maternity photographer

If you’re searching for a photographer, I tell families to look at a full set. This way you can see the variety of poses and images a photographer is able to create within a session. Sometimes a photographer can do one pose and then you’ll see that pose repeated throughout their portfolio. If that’s what you’re looking for, then that’s great! If you are looking for some variety, then make sure you see it.

For editing, many photographers differentiate with their style of edit. What may be trendy right now may not be what you want in 5-10 years. Remember sepia? To me, natural will always be better because what your eye sees will always stay true. Trends pass. Make sure you will love your photos 20-50 years from now.

Winter Maternity Session

You might not have guessed it, but this session happened on one of the COLDEST days in the dead of winter. Lindsey was a trooper and she seriously made this session the dream it was. For winter sessions, I LOVE adding an element of the unexpected, or architecture so that it makes up for the lack of texture we get from nature. She really levelled up the session by choosing to use Rent The Runway to source her maternity dress. When she sent me the link to her dress choice, I was immediately inspired with posing and the vibe I would want to go for. Old Hollywood never gets boring and there’s a timelessness to the feel of the styling.

Winter Maternity Photos in Boston

Please enjoy Lindsey and Tim’s winter photoshoot in Larz Anderson Park located in Brookline, MA.

Boston Winter Maternity photography session in Larz Anderson Park
Boston Winter Maternity photography session in Larz Anderson Park
Boston Winter Maternity photography session in Larz Anderson Park
Boston Maternity photographer
Boston Maternity photographer
Boston Maternity photographer
Boston Maternity photographer glam session
That outfit needed this pose. Love the back of that dress from Rent The Runway.
Expectant mom during maternity photo shoot
Isn’t she lovely?
Bump maternity style
Bump maternity style
Looking at her maternity bump and couple kissing under a tree during photography session
Winter maternity session in Boston
Winter maternity session in Boston
Couple Expecting their first child
Maternity style for photography session
Couple photo during maternity session
Her eyes glowed with the sparkle of the gold dress.
Larz Anderson park Maternity session
Larz Anderson park Maternity session
Larz Anderson park Maternity session
Boston park Maternity session
Expecting their first baby
Expecting their first baby
Expecting their first child
Maternity session outfit ideas
Boston maternity photography
It was SUPER windy that day, but I managed to put up my flash for a few photos before the wind blew it over.

Other Boston-area Maternity Photoshoots

If you would like to see other Boston maternity sessions, please click below:

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Boston Skyline Esplanade Maternity Photography Session

Boston Maternity Session
Boston Winter Maternity photography Session

My most recent photography posts

Boston Winter Maternity photography session in Larz Anderson Park

Mommy and Me

So often it’s mothers that are organizing these photo sessions because they are the ones taking the photos constantly of their family, but rarely in the family photos themselves. I believe that it’s my job to ensure that I focus on Motherhood during my family sessions. When people reach out to me, I always try and get a sense of their goals. Some parents I’ve seen every year for 7+ years so we are in sync now, but I still send out a questionnaire before every session to see if their minds have changed.

I know that so many mothers of course have a goal of getting incredible images of their child at this moment in their lives, but I don’t think my duty ends there. I work incredibly hard to make sure no one is forgotten in my sessions. My sessions are all about the family, the interactions between the children and their mother, as well as her partner.

Boston Family Photography

I have clients coming in from different states to have their photos taken by me and I’m always so incredibly flattered. It seriously blows my mind that people will travel for hours just to see me! Some past clients have moved away only to return periodically to have updated photos because they weren’t able to find someone to replace me in their new hometown. I am forever thankful that my work is so valued.

I put 100% of my heart into every session and I don’t leave until I know I have a breadth of work that I’m happy with. That’s also why I don’t do mini-sessions. There is so much pressure for a child to perform and behave in 10 minutes that sometimes it just triggers a meltdown. I’ve seen it too often before and I now try and communicate parents not to play up these sessions too much. It’s just about play and exploration. Don’t look at it as something they have to do. Photosessions should be fun! It’s all about setting a peaceful, relaxed mindset. It’s how I have been able to create the beautiful imagery below.

A slideshow of Imagery

I made a slideshow featuring some images taken from Spring 2019 until March 2020 before COVID-19 shut down everything. I am so incredibly proud of what we were able to create in about 3/4 of a year.

Please enjoy the slideshow of images featuring Motherhood:

Motherhood Slideshow

Motherhood in photography

Motherhood is celebrated in my work, no matter the event. From weddings, maternity, to newborns and family sessions… I’m there beside so many families to capture their precious memories.

Motherhood in Boston Family photography
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Boston family photographer
Mommy and me session
Mommy and me sessions
Mommy and me session
Family photographer in Boston
Graduate in Harvard Cambridge Photography session
Graduation, maternity and more…
Belmont Photography session
Family sessions at home Boston
Family sessions at home and nearby Belmont
Larz Anderson Park session and at home
Larz Anderson Park session and at home
South End family photography
South End family photography
Columbus Park Boston family photography
Columbus Park Boston family photography
Boston newborn photographer
Boston newborn photographer
Larz anderson family fun
Larz anderson family fun
Motherhood photography
Motherhood photography
Davis Square family photographer
Davis Square family photographer
Davis Square family photographer
Family photography at weddings
Family photography at weddings
Family photography at memorable places
Family photography at memorable places
Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Boston family photography
Boston downtown Family photography
Mommy and me session
Mommy and me
Chunky baby thighs
Chunky baby thighs
Family session at home lifestyle photography Boston
at home lifestyle photography Boston
Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Newborn session at home lifestyle photography Boston
Cambridge Family session North Point Park
Cambridge Family session North Point Park
Boston public gardens family session
Boston public gardens family session
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle motherhood newborn session at home Boston
Lifestyle newborn session at home Boston
Cambridge motherhood and family photography
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Lifestyle newborn session at home. Motherhood.
Lifestyle newborn session at home. Fresh 48

Book a 2020 Session

To book a session, reach out to me via my contact form. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for first access to dates. With extra precautions due to Covid19 I am only taking on limited sessions with families that are ok with my procedures on safety precautions. Thank you so much for understanding!

2020 session blog post | How they will look

For printers, many families have been asking what I recommend. I have been sending everyone to for several years now and everyone has been very happy. If you’re not happy, please contact them and they will make it right with a print credit/re-print.

Boston Family Photographer serving New England. Candid, lifestyle type imagery with a natural edit.
Motherhood in Boston Family photography

Focus on play

I’ve always wanted to transition my photography style into a more documentary style of family photography. This is the push I guess I always needed to make this dream a reality! My sessions this year will be child-led. Since I cannot come closer than 6′, my usual directing style will take a backseat to more prompts of play and discovery. This will be the driving force behind family photography in 2020.

Child playing with bubbles in backyard
Bubbles in the apartment complex BBQ area. Can you tell?

Personally, I would love to move to this style of photography as it is very relaxing. We may not have control over the outcome, but it will be true to who your child and family is today. I always found that in directing, some poses and suggestions didn’t work for certain families because that wasn’t how they played. I want to understand and see how YOUR family plays and loves each other.


Sessions for 2020 will not be taking place in the city, but the focus will shift to parks, conservation lands and backyards. Everyone knows how much I love a great city backdrop, but unless you are willing to do a sunrise session, I will not be doing any city-based sessions. For the definition of sunrise, please check google or click here. Unfortunately, that is earlier than most of us would like. Be realistic and honest. Please do not book a sunrise city session and then ask to change the session to 8:00am. If the timing does not work, please consider a location out of the city or in your backyard.

Locations best suited for 2020:

  • Your backyard/front yard
  • A field/conservation land/out in nature
  • Avoid sunset in the city

Nature allows for kids to be in their element, which is exploring. Their discovery of new things and sights can bring about signature expressions that you’ll want to capture. Yes, sometimes they can stare at a rock or a stick for 15 minutes, but you only need a handful of gorgeous keepsake images to frame and remember this crazy time in our world. It’s not about quantity, but instead about quality. It’s something I am taking more to heart every day. In our materialistic world that we live in, I’m starting to really take a deeper look at what I truly need. Having my family healthy and happy is what’s important to me; not another cute dress, or another pair of shoes that I’ll stash away and never find until I clean out my closet 3 years from now.

When choosing a location, keep in mind your child’s unique temperament. Will they do well after a 2-hour car ride where you’re likely rushing because you are running late? Or is it more relaxing for you to just keep things close to home so you don’t have to worry about getting gas, getting out on time, and not forgetting anything along the way. I always like to suggest to keep things simple.

Ideas for play

If you are concerned about the pace, there are ways to engage a child and have them move on. Lots of hugs, cuddles, a piggyback ride, lifts into the air are all ways to reset their focus. I don’t know what your family typically does and I don’t know how willing you are to allow things to flow naturally, so I will take your lead on how these sessions will evolve. If you are at home, babies LOVE the following:

  • bubbles
  • tents
  • pillow fights outdoors on a nice cream throw
  • playing in the water
  • FOOD

You can have a sprinkler going, set up an inflatable pool with a rainbow. Go nuts. You are only limited by your imagination. If you want to brainstorm together, I am more than happy to!

Ideas for home

Simple beige throw, some pillows and VOILA. For the top-down photo below, I would need a step ladder, but at this time, I don’t want to complicate things.

family session at home 2020 pillow fight

The images on the page are all taken in backyards or common areas (like BBQ areas) of apartment complexes. Things do not have to get complicated.

at home lifestyle session in Cambridge, MA
1 year old baby eating watermelon
Babies and food… no easier way to get a smile than to feed them their favourite food.
baby eating watermelon
The mom originally wanted her in a dress with shoes on, decorations and a monogrammed quilt, but I just told her simple is better. She loved the idea and was so happy we kept things simple and unadorned.
Baby and watermelon in family session at home
It’s just a watermelon, but I was able to create 9 adorable images. Things don’t have to get complicated.

I also shot some video for the following family, but I haven’t had a chance to edit it together yet. I will post that when it’s ready. Basically, your backyard can be a place to have a socially distant and safe session. If something goes wrong, you are at home and have access to anything you need. You can get snacks when baby is hungry, or run inside if you’ve forgotten something. These sessions can be relaxed and beautiful. It’s also a great way to document your family… your home…right now. It’s where you raised your children and you should be proud to show it off.

family at home session in New England
Lots of options when you’re at home.
sprinkler at home family photography
sprinkler at home family photography
LOVE this capture.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t eliminate a perfectly good option right in your backyard. It doesn’t have to be the public gardens, you don’t have to clean your backyard and plant some trees. Just let go of perfection and enjoy your life and loves around you. It’s the little things in the every day that define who we are. This is your story.

Ideas for newborns and the outdoors

Newborn session in apartment backyard pool area
The BBQ area in an apartment complex can be beautiful. If it’s not, I don’t need to draw attention to it. I only include location/surroundings when it adds to the story.

Outdoor spaces are a great spot for newborn photos as well. This baby girl had both her newborn and 1 year photos taken in their apartment complex BBQ area (she’s the watermelon baby!). Have I ever mentioned how much I like BBQ areas and often photograph in them without drawing attention to the fact they are simple locations steps from your front door? Some of my families choose to have all of their sessions at home and I have seen them for YEARS. To me, it’s always been about the family and the baby; not the location.

Why sunset or sunrise?

The best light is always SUNRISE and SUNSET. However, sunrise may not be when you think it is! In June, sunrise is 5:15AM: LINK.

Since these sessions are less pressure and more about play, your baby doesn’t have to be at their happiest point of the day (which is generally in the morning). But you know your child. If they are a complete mess by sunset, please schedule a sunrise session. If sunrise or sunset doesn’t work, the session has to take place on your private property to ensure we don’t run into crowds.

The reason why sunset or sunrise is best is better outlined in this blog post. Since I cannot control where your child may lead us, I need to have constant good light to work with. During midday, a bad patch of light will not give you the images I’m known for.

How sunset/sunrise will affect your backyard session

To prepare for your session, please send me a 360 video or panoramic photo of your outdoor spaces. If you want a sunrise session, please take the photos at that time on a CLOUDLESS day. This will be the worst-case scenario of light I will be dealing with and that information is important so I can tell you what direction I will be likely shooting in so that you can decide if the background is what you envisioned. You can also remove any unnecessary/unsightly objects so that the backdrop is clean. If you send me photos at a random time of day and not the whole backyard, I won’t have a full picture and the exercise will be ineffective.

Early morning family session in backyard
This was an 8:30am session in the backyard with a new puppy! We were able to have a later start because it was Fall (sunrise is later) and they had very tall trees in their yard to break up the direct light.

If you have a specific part of your outdoor space to be the backdrop, I need to see a photo of it and know the time of day you took the photo so I can tell you when is the best time to take photos given the backdrop restriction. Basically I want to ensure there isn’t full sun in your eyes during the session. You will squint. I want the sun to your back. The background will always be where the sun is.

Steps for a successful backyard/front yard session:

  • send me 360 videos/panoramic photos of your house taken during early morning and sunset.
  • tell me what time those images were taken
  • the direction of the sun will be your background (the sun will be to your back when I photograph you)
  • decide if there’s a part of your yard you want to highlight and what parts you want to avoid
  • communicate these considerations to me

Examples of directional light

Below you can see the sun in the photo. I am staying in the same position as the flower girl also passes. This is the ideal lighting situation.

The recessional after wedding during fall 2019

Below: Sun to their back. This rims the hair with beautiful light.

Boston family outdoors in the fall with sweaters

Same Concept:

Surprise proposal idea in Boston

Again… beautiful sun behind them.

Sunset and dad, mom and child at Boston Public Gardens

That’s not to say I always shoot with the suns to your back, but this is how I shoot 90% of the time. If it’s overcast, there is no direction to the light and I am fine with photographing ANYTIME basically. If it’s stormy and overcast, this is what that would look like (post). Another overcast day would look like this (post). Both sessions called for 40% chance of rain or more. I don’t need a sunny day to make gorgeous images. Working in New England you have to deal with the temperamental weather, otherwise, you have no business being a photographer here! I WISH we were blessed with gorgeous sunsets and light like they have constantly in California.

Family session just after the rain with puddles
Puddles add a really great dimension to photos and check out that sky! Forget about the muddy outfits and shoes and just play.

For more information on lighting, please see this blog post.

Unfortunately, I cannot argue with mother nature. Sunrise is sunrise and sunset is sunset. Rain may come and it may go. Again, the goal is to capture your family. I love splashes in the rain with rainboots. I love kids rolling in the mud. The story is up to you. If you want a no rain session, then we can reschedule as I’ve always had, but I am telling you it will not affect my images.

Rainy wedding day photo of bride and groom
A rain photo during a wedding day.

Session length

My sessions will be shorter this year to minimize exposure. That’s why I need your help to really hone in on your goals. Sessions will be about 40 minutes. For younger babies, I only need about 20 minutes to get some incredible images and the rest of the time I can give you space to allow for feeding, soothing, and whatever your baby needs. I’ve done this for a long time and it’s all about maximizing the time we have together to get some quality images. Sensing a theme? It’s all about quality over quantity. If things are going well and I can easily stay far away, I will be flexible with this timeline. That decision will be up to me, but discussed with you during our consultation.

Video Consults

Going forward for the rest of the sessions this year, I will be having video consults with all families the day of or the day before the session. This way we know we are all healthy and we can get the jitters out of the way. We can talk about your goals for the session and what the plan is / what are your prompts for play. I want to understand what you want and ensure I set your expectations about what is possible. I want to make sure we are all on the same page so that we can just start photographing when we meet in person. This is all about building trust and making everyone calmer about the session. I do not want this to be a stressful experience. Family photography should be fun and playful. These consults don’t have to be lengthy, but they have to happen.

Take away

Please only schedule a session if you’re willing to communicate with me during a video call and have a child-led session that has no direction from me. We can make small modifications based on your first inquiry, so please be as forthcoming as possible when inquiring about a session so I can tell you if it’s possible. My goal is to keep things fun, stress-free and all about communication so we can keep healthy. If I cannot guarantee a safe session, I run the risk of passing a sickness onto another family. I cannot have that happen and this is my plan for making it safe for everyone.

For information on further procedures and precautions I’m taking, please read the following posts to help ease your mind. I am taking this virus very seriously as I am sure you all are as well.

Phased Reopening Blog Post

Safety measures from March

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m here for you.

I hope this post was informative. Again, my goal is to let loose and have fun during our sessions in 2020-2021. Thanks for making it through to the end!

Baby eating watermelon during family session 2020

Boston Maternity session

Maternity photos are usually taken in the last trimester between weeks 28 and 32. However, I always tell expectant mothers that every body is different. It really depends on when your body is ready and the bump pops and shows. You also want to still be mobile and comfortable to ensure that you don’t stress yourself out during the session while also feeling your best. It’s a short window, so it’s best to reach out to a maternity photographer in Boston whose style you are in love with before you get to this point so you know you can just focus on planning the session to ensure you’re captured how you want to be.

Finding a Boston maternity photographer starts with knowing your style and being true to yourself. You can ask your friends and family for referrals to get a sense of the styles that are available as well as find out who delivers a great product and service. Once you decide on the style you like, take a look at their packages. There are many different types of photographers and just as many different types of packages. Find the right one for you. My pricing page lists out my pricing structure and always includes digitals. Next, check out their reviews and read the reviews to get a sense of why a Boston Maternity photographer is so loved. If you want to check out some of my reviews, see my Facebook account, Google business page, or Yelp.

Capturing your style

My style of photography is quite candid. It’s not overly styled, nor fussy. I love just capturing families as they are – allowing their personalities to shine through. When I’m in a family’s home, I get an immediate sense of their style and I always get inspired to create my best work. In preparing for my sessions, I always ask for photos of outfits and your home first to get a sense of your vibe and style. Every person is unique and my way of understanding you and your needs is by seeing the pieces you’ve invested in, and how you’ve laid out things in your home if we are doing an in-home session. The flow of the fabric, patterns and shape also give me a sense of your style, as well as potential poses that would work with your outfit choices.

Modern Boston Maternity session at home

Isn’t this home stunning? I loved the monochromatic aspect as well as the high impact design elements. Those windows are TO DIE for. This lady seriously has a great sense of style. She found me through a referral from another one of my Baby 1 Year package stylish mamas through an online moms group. I’m so thankful that my families have had such great experiences that they are telling everyone about me. THANK YOU! This is her first session of her baby’s 1 year package. Unfortunately due to covid-19, we were only able to do a virtual Facetime session for her newborn session, but I can’t wait to see her outdoors for her baby’s first session when it’s safe again to do so.

We talked about outfits and this mama-to-be sent me some options. I’m so happy we decided on this black number because this dress is so chic, simple and just meshes so well with the rest of her home. It really set the tone for this maternity session and was a great contrast to her husband’s light-coloured ensemble. Her pup was a perfect cream tone too and he was a perfect accent!

Boston Maternity Photos

Please enjoy this Maternity session in Beacon Hill, Boston, MA.

Snuggles at home on a couch in Boston maternity session
puppy is the focus of this maternity session at home
Lots of genuine laughs during my sessions
puppy is the focus of this maternity session at home
hugs for his wife that is pregnant with his child
Maternity photographer boston
Those windows!
snuggling their puppy at home in front of fireplace during maternity session
kisses for dog mama at home maternity session
couple kissing on chair at home in Boston lifestyle maternity photography session
I love photographing in people’s homes because I love to include design elements, such as their furniture or light fixtures (that’s the blurry thing at the top of this photo)
black and white photo Boston maternity photography
When things are calm and fun during a session, I love to play! They really trusted me and that allowed me to get creative because I knew they would appreciate it.
Boston Maternity Session
Maternity photographer Boston
black and white image of couple on bed with puppy Maternity photographer Boston
The second room of this session.
black and white image of couple on bed with puppy Maternity photographer Boston
couple embracing during maternity session in Boston
couple holding belly during maternity photography
maternity photo featuring belly bump with husband kissing stomach
The classic photo with a Bella Wang Photography spin on it.
dramatic painting in the background of a maternity photoshoot at home in Boston
Check out that artwork.
maternity boudoir photography
Now onto the mini boudoir session
maternity boudoir photography
Husband headed off to work while we finished off the session with a surprise for him
maternity boudoir photography close up of tummy
She bought this piece off Etsy. It’s such a great source for some modern pieces.

If you’re planning on sourcing from Etsy, I recommend you buy RTS (ready to ship) or plan ahead because shipping times aren’t your typical Amazon Prime shipping speeds. Planning ahead is worth it.

black and white maternity image with dog
Pup really wanted to be involved.
maternity image in hallway of home in Boston
Thank you for letting me play
maternity session in Boston. Mother sitting in window sill
maternity session in Boston. Mother sitting in window sill closeup black and white photo of belly
maternity belly photo in lingerie for boudoir
A final photo to show off that gorgeous chandelier.

I hope you loved seeing how my style of photography translated in capturing this family at home. Every session is different. It really depends on the vibe of the couple and that is defined by their personalities, outfits, location and just the mood of the light.

For another maternity session in Boston, please check out this Esplanade Charles River session with the skyline as a backdrop. It’s a little different than this session since it’s outdoors. Sunset or sunrise are the best times for outdoor photos. Have a look and I think you’d agree.

Blog post: Sunset Boston Esplanade Maternity session

Boston Maternity Photographer

Charles River Esplanade

I was so excited when beautiful mother-to-be Katie reached out to me about a maternity session close to her home on the Charles river. Photographing on the Charles Esplanade during the sunset hours is the best because the views are unparalleled for Boston. There’s so much texture and variety there. I never know what my couples will look like before I wander into the area during the session. Katie was very organized and communicative from the start and I truly value that because it helps in the planning process as well as builds a better bond of trust between us. People always ask about locations and I always say I can photograph anywhere. I prefer photographing locations that are sentimental as this brings another layer to the images. Since Katie and Matt live overlooking the Charles, this location is perfect. Below you’ll see the beautiful photos we were able to create in this Esplanade boston maternity session.

The Maternity Outfit

I had no idea what she was going to wear except that she described herself as a style minimalist. I love what she put together for herself and her husband because it fit the location perfectly – city chic. Don’t you agree that the burgundy really helped her pop against the scenic backdrop? That was deliberately balanced by also still being a very natural neutral colour so it didn’t fight against location.

These are things I always try and have people keep in mind when finding outfits. You want to be in line with what’s around you, but not blend in completely/become lost (unless you wanted to go light and airy, in which case white on white is truly the only way to go). This outfit is something she can easily wear time and time again (for something similar, check out Old Navy or ASOS). You don’t have to go over the top, or go outside of your comfort zone.

I find the way to go is always with your gut and make a statement about you and your style. Don’t get too fussy with accessories, or try and copy Pinterest and Instagram. Be who you are. You want to look back at these photos and recognize the person in them.

Maternity Photos on The Charles River Esplanade

I hope you will love Katie and Matt’s maternity photos | Esplanade boston maternity session.

Boston Charles River Maternity Session near Esplanade
The Charles River is a gorgeous backdrop
Boston Charles River Maternity Session near Esplanade
Charles River Maternity photos
When people ask about best light I tell them sunset. There’s such a huge difference in the quality of light. The light was harsh still at the beginning of our session so I had to find pockets of shade to block the sun from washing out the photos.
Charles River Maternity photos
In the city you have to move fast when there’s no one in the frame so that you don’t have to edit pedestrians out.
Charles River Maternity photos

Esplanade at Sunset Maternity Images

Sunset Maternity photos on the Charles River Boston Esplanade
Sunset finally truly arrived.
Sunset Maternity photos on the Charles River Boston Esplanade
Isn’t she stunning?
Boston Maternity Session
Boston Maternity Session
Boston Maternity Session
Typically I don’t do too many looking at the camera photos, but these were specifically requested. I loved how she communicated what she wanted because otherwise I may not have delivered as many camera aware photos.
Boston Maternity Session
esplanade Boston maternity session
esplanade Boston maternity session
Charles River Maternity Photos
Now you can see the sun has dipped and the light is really starting to get good.
Boston Maternity session by the Charles River
Love the rich deep colours of this Boston Maternity session by the Charles River
Charles River Esplanade Maternity Photos
Maternity Photos in Boston
Boston Maternity Esplanade session by the Charles River with prudential center in background
They just pop against the skyline don’t they?
Sunset on the Charles River
After they left I was checking my emails and answering clients. Then the sky really started to show off. Sunset on the Charles River sometimes can be magical.

Reach out to book your maternity session

Hope you enjoyed their maternity session photos in downtown Boston. I will soon link their newborn images once I get a moment to upload them. I’ll link them here once they’re up.

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, please see my contact form on my website.

For another Boston maternity session, check out this in-home photography session: Blog post.

Boston Maternity session by the Charles River with prudential center in background

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