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Esplanade Boston Maternity session


Charles River Esplanade

I was so excited when beautiful mother-to-be Katie reached out to me about a maternity session close to her home on the Charles river. Photographing on the Charles Esplanade during the sunset hours is the best because the views are unparalleled for Boston. There’s so much texture and variety there. I never know what my couples will look like before I wander into the area during the session. Katie was very organized and communicative from the start and I truly value that because it helps in the planning process as well as builds a better bond of trust between us. People always ask about locations and I always say I can photograph anywhere. I prefer photographing locations that are sentimental as this brings another layer to the images. Since Katie and Matt live overlooking the Charles, this location is perfect. Below you’ll see the beautiful photos we were able to create in this Esplanade boston maternity session.

The Maternity Outfit

I had no idea what she was going to wear except that she described herself as a style minimalist. I love what she put together for herself and her husband because it fit the location perfectly – city chic. Don’t you agree that the burgundy really helped her pop against the scenic backdrop? That was deliberately balanced by also still being a very natural neutral colour so it didn’t fight against location.

These are things I always try and have people keep in mind when finding outfits. You want to be in line with what’s around you, but not blend in completely/become lost (unless you wanted to go light and airy, in which case white on white is truly the only way to go). This outfit is something she can easily wear time and time again (for something similar, check out Old Navy or ASOS). You don’t have to go over the top, or go outside of your comfort zone.

I find the way to go is always with your gut and make a statement about you and your style. Don’t get too fussy with accessories, or try and copy Pinterest and Instagram. Be who you are. You want to look back at these photos and recognize the person in them.

Maternity Photos on The Charles River Esplanade

I hope you will love Katie and Matt’s maternity photos | Esplanade boston maternity session.

Boston Charles River Maternity Session near Esplanade
The Charles River is a gorgeous backdrop
Boston Charles River Maternity Session near Esplanade
Charles River Maternity photos
When people ask about best light I tell them sunset. There’s such a huge difference in the quality of light. The light was harsh still at the beginning of our session so I had to find pockets of shade to block the sun from washing out the photos.
Charles River Maternity photos
In the city you have to move fast when there’s no one in the frame so that you don’t have to edit pedestrians out.
Charles River Maternity photos

Esplanade at Sunset Maternity Images

Sunset Maternity photos on the Charles River Boston Esplanade
Sunset finally truly arrived.
Sunset Maternity photos on the Charles River Boston Esplanade
Isn’t she stunning?
Boston Maternity Session
Boston Maternity Session
Boston Maternity Session
Typically I don’t do too many looking at the camera photos, but these were specifically requested. I loved how she communicated what she wanted because otherwise I may not have delivered as many camera aware photos.
Boston Maternity Session
esplanade Boston maternity session
esplanade Boston maternity session
Charles River Maternity Photos
Now you can see the sun has dipped and the light is really starting to get good.
Boston Maternity session by the Charles River
Love the rich deep colours of this Boston Maternity session by the Charles River
Charles River Esplanade Maternity Photos
Maternity Photos in Boston
Boston Maternity Esplanade session by the Charles River with prudential center in background
They just pop against the skyline don’t they?
Sunset on the Charles River
After they left I was checking my emails and answering clients. Then the sky really started to show off. Sunset on the Charles River sometimes can be magical.

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Hope you enjoyed their maternity session photos in downtown Boston. I will soon link their newborn images once I get a moment to upload them. I’ll link them here once they’re up.

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