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Maternity Photographer Boston


Boston Maternity session

Maternity photos are usually taken in the last trimester between weeks 28 and 32. However, I always tell expectant mothers that every body is different. It really depends on when your body is ready and the bump pops and shows. You also want to still be mobile and comfortable to ensure that you don’t stress yourself out during the session while also feeling your best. It’s a short window, so it’s best to reach out to a maternity photographer in Boston whose style you are in love with before you get to this point so you know you can just focus on planning the session to ensure you’re captured how you want to be.

Finding a Boston maternity photographer starts with knowing your style and being true to yourself. You can ask your friends and family for referrals to get a sense of the styles that are available as well as find out who delivers a great product and service. Once you decide on the style you like, take a look at their packages. There are many different types of photographers and just as many different types of packages. Find the right one for you. My pricing page lists out my pricing structure and always includes digitals. Next, check out their reviews and read the reviews to get a sense of why a Boston Maternity photographer is so loved. If you want to check out some of my reviews, see my Facebook account, Google business page, or Yelp.

Capturing your style

My style of photography is quite candid. It’s not overly styled, nor fussy. I love just capturing families as they are – allowing their personalities to shine through. When I’m in a family’s home, I get an immediate sense of their style and I always get inspired to create my best work. In preparing for my sessions, I always ask for photos of outfits and your home first to get a sense of your vibe and style. Every person is unique and my way of understanding you and your needs is by seeing the pieces you’ve invested in, and how you’ve laid out things in your home if we are doing an in-home session. The flow of the fabric, patterns and shape also give me a sense of your style, as well as potential poses that would work with your outfit choices.

Modern Boston Maternity session at home

Isn’t this home stunning? I loved the monochromatic aspect as well as the high impact design elements. Those windows are TO DIE for. This lady seriously has a great sense of style. She found me through a referral from another one of my Baby 1 Year package stylish mamas through an online moms group. I’m so thankful that my families have had such great experiences that they are telling everyone about me. THANK YOU! This is her first session of her baby’s 1 year package. Unfortunately due to covid-19, we were only able to do a virtual Facetime session for her newborn session, but I can’t wait to see her outdoors for her baby’s first session when it’s safe again to do so.

We talked about outfits and this mama-to-be sent me some options. I’m so happy we decided on this black number because this dress is so chic, simple and just meshes so well with the rest of her home. It really set the tone for this maternity session and was a great contrast to her husband’s light-coloured ensemble. Her pup was a perfect cream tone too and he was a perfect accent!

Boston Maternity Photos

Please enjoy this Maternity session in Beacon Hill, Boston, MA.

Snuggles at home on a couch in Boston maternity session
puppy is the focus of this maternity session at home
Lots of genuine laughs during my sessions
puppy is the focus of this maternity session at home
hugs for his wife that is pregnant with his child
Maternity photographer boston
Those windows!
snuggling their puppy at home in front of fireplace during maternity session
kisses for dog mama at home maternity session
couple kissing on chair at home in Boston lifestyle maternity photography session
I love photographing in people’s homes because I love to include design elements, such as their furniture or light fixtures (that’s the blurry thing at the top of this photo)
black and white photo Boston maternity photography
When things are calm and fun during a session, I love to play! They really trusted me and that allowed me to get creative because I knew they would appreciate it.
Boston Maternity Session
Maternity photographer Boston
black and white image of couple on bed with puppy Maternity photographer Boston
The second room of this session.
black and white image of couple on bed with puppy Maternity photographer Boston
couple embracing during maternity session in Boston
couple holding belly during maternity photography
maternity photo featuring belly bump with husband kissing stomach
The classic photo with a Bella Wang Photography spin on it.
dramatic painting in the background of a maternity photoshoot at home in Boston
Check out that artwork.
maternity boudoir photography
Now onto the mini boudoir session
maternity boudoir photography
Husband headed off to work while we finished off the session with a surprise for him
maternity boudoir photography close up of tummy
She bought this piece off Etsy. It’s such a great source for some modern pieces.

If you’re planning on sourcing from Etsy, I recommend you buy RTS (ready to ship) or plan ahead because shipping times aren’t your typical Amazon Prime shipping speeds. Planning ahead is worth it.

black and white maternity image with dog
Pup really wanted to be involved.
maternity image in hallway of home in Boston
Thank you for letting me play
maternity session in Boston. Mother sitting in window sill
maternity session in Boston. Mother sitting in window sill closeup black and white photo of belly
maternity belly photo in lingerie for boudoir
A final photo to show off that gorgeous chandelier.

I hope you loved seeing how my style of photography translated in capturing this family at home. Every session is different. It really depends on the vibe of the couple and that is defined by their personalities, outfits, location and just the mood of the light.

For another maternity session in Boston, please check out this Esplanade Charles River session with the skyline as a backdrop. It’s a little different than this session since it’s outdoors. Sunset or sunrise are the best times for outdoor photos. Have a look and I think you’d agree.

Blog post: Sunset Boston Esplanade Maternity session

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