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Cambridge Newborn Session at home


Boston & Cambridge newborn lifestyle photographer

I’ve been specializing for quite a few years on at home newborn lifestyle sessions. I used to try and make newborn images that looked like other photographer’s newborn images. I realized I never really loved that backdrop style of newborn session and as a result I never thrived with that. It was difficult to lug a giant beanbag and backdrops with wraps to each person’s home as well. By the time I arrived I was often exhausted. When I began looking, I mean truly looking, at people’s homes when I arrived and set up, I realized that there were so many unique and wonderful aspects of the home that were already there for me to make use of. Each piece of the home was carefully curated, and matched the taste of the family that lived there… so why I was bringing these pre-purchased generic backdrops from TJ Maxx to block those heirloom items out?

This made me realize what I truly wanted to do was to feature the home as this was the centre of each and every family. From that point on, I realized that this is what I wanted to do as a Boston / Cambridge newborn photographer.

Cambridge City Home

Cambridge homes tend to be dark and packed in close together. I myself live in Davis Square so I know how tough it is to have an airy and well lit home. When mom Cathy reached out to me she wasn’t sure if her home would be ready for a newborn. She actually wanted to delay because she felt the home would be a mess with a newborn. I am so happy I convinced her otherwise. If you scroll below you’ll see what I mean. Their home was newly renovated with huge windows that allowed so much light to fill the space. And her taste in furniture and styling was impeccable. What a dream this family was to photograph.

Cambridge Newborn lifestyle session Images

Her son slept like an absolute champ. As a result we were able to move around really well and make use of his nursery as well as the living and bedrooms. I usually stay in 1-2 rooms, but because he was so cooperative I moved quickly. Every baby is different and I try and warn parents of this ahead of time. Please have no expectations. Things will 100% not go to plan. Whatever happens will happen and it’s my job to capture a curated and beautiful set of images no matter what your baby tosses my way. My clients come back to me time and time again because they’ve told me no matter what happens, they are always shocked at the images I create. That’s my job as a professional. Any photographer can make images under perfect scenarios, it’s when everything goes wrong that a pro gets to shine.

The nursery

Baby lying on chair in nursery
Parents holding newborn son in nursery
I used the same set and ottoman the parents are sitting on here to create the first image. You don’t have to move far to get a completely new set of images.
Parents looking at son in crib in his nursery in Boston
Newborn nursery in Cambridge, MA during newborn lifestyle session
Check out this nursery
Newborn in crib in nursery
Family sitting in nursery holding newborn during family session at home
It’s not a big room, but there are so many areas to play in
Newborn in his nursery being looked at by his mom and dad
Love the nursery details
Parents holding newborn son
Newborn fingers and parents holding baby

The Bedroom Images

Newborn lying on bed with mother's stuffed animal
His parent’s favourite toy made it into the session.
Mom snuggling newborn son on bed
Parents holding newborn and cuddling
Parents holding newborn and cuddling
Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Living Room Images

Newborn looking at parents while being held in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Time to move to the final room
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Gorgeous tablescape with beautiful coffee table books.
Newborn being held by parents
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
Newborn being held by parents in living room at home during lifestyle session in Cambridge
When babies are awake, it’s basically game over. Incredibly cute though! Look at that face. I saw this basket holding blankets just under one of the tables. Why not use it?

I hope you enjoyed browsing this newborn lifestyle session at home. If this is something you would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information, all of my pricing is 100% transparent and visible on my website. For FAQs please see my contact page.

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