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Fall Family Photos – Larz Anderson


Autumn in Boston

Fall is busy season for us photographers as the temperatures start to fall and the leaves start turning to brilliant hues of rust, gold and fire red. As a result, I am often faced with back to back sessions at a single location. So how does a photographer keep things fresh and not recycle the same poses and backgrounds? I am a photographer that easily gets bored, so I am constantly pushing myself to try and also to see new things. I will post the second of two back to back session in a link at the end of this blog post so you can see what another family received as their photos on the same day for fall family photos at Larz Anderson Park.

Larz Anderson Park

This park is very popular and for good reason. It has a perfect mix of architectural elements and bold colours during the fall season. Of course it’s absolutely overrun by photographers and families during this time of year. My style is very fast and fluid. If a choice spot is occupied, I just move on. My clients trust me to find pockets of light and gorgeous backgrounds. I don’t like ‘typical’ spots and often find myself quickly moving away from the ‘go to spots’ as I feel other families descending upon us. My sessions are very high energy as a result. It’s all about play and making shapes that please my eye. For more information please see the government website.

The Family

I’ve been photographing this wonderful clan of fellow Canadians for a number of years now. Their kids are older so it’s also about getting the more mature kids to open up and laugh genuinely. They are such great kids though so they made it easy for me. And talk about the family with the greatest hair ever!

The Fall Family Photos Larz Anderson

Please enjoy these images taken in the late afternoon just prior to my sunset session that I will link to at the bottom of this post.

Fall Family Photos in Larz Anderson Park
Classic family portrait for the holiday card is what I strive for in the first 5-10 minutes of a session when everyone is focused.
Puppy and family at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline for fall family photos
The added variable is the pup who is incredibly photogenic but also always on the move!
Light coming through structure at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline
I love playing with light and structures.
Mom with her kids in Larz Anderson Park
Moms are usually taking a lot of photos and not in them, so I use my session to create a few for just her.
fall family photos Larz Anderson Brookline
Mother and son in larz Anderson Park
Fall Family photos at Larz Anderson Park
Mother and daughter family photos at Larz
Children and family pet at Larz Anderson Brookline Park
The important sibling photo
Dad and his children at Larz Anderson
Miss M is quite the little model so she came up with this pose on her own.
Children playing and posing at Larz Anderson park
I love it when kids come up with their own poses. I think it helps them warm up and contributes in the most important way during my sessions.
Mom and her children playing in Brookline Park
The pup was getting anxious so dad took one for the team and watched the pup while we got some more for mom.
Boy with sister in sibling photo at Larz Anderson Park
As they get older it’s always harder to get those wide open smiles, but I think he nailed it when we focused on a solo photo.
Siblings in leaves during autumn photo session
Sibling love.
Playing with puppy in leaves during family photoshoot
Time for some impromptu play photos!
Dog catching leaves with brother and sister in Brookline Park
The money shot. My fave of the session for sure.

I will be linking the sunset fall family session I shot immediately after this session at Larz Anderson Park HERE .

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