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Child and parent at Boston Public Gardens
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My work has a very editorial look. I am for classic, clean imagery that isn't heavily altered from real life.  My art is created through framing, composition, emotion and connection rather than props and trends.

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Toddlers Concerns

When parents reach out to me for bookings either they bring up their concerns about an active toddler, or I ask them in my questionnaire as pre-session prep. Kids are kids and the best sessions are when we allow them to run free and be themselves. I love prompting families but prompts do not work for kids under the age of 3. You just have to with the punches and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. I would say this guy was one of two of the fastest and most active toddlers I’ve ever photographed in my many years. He was 2 years old that day and could lap me on a track no doubt.

My other active toddler session was a private set, otherwise I’d love to show another example of a session where we still get awesome images given challenging circumstances. I’ll see if I can get a testimonial from the mom of the behind the scenes of this session and will add it here to the post. Once you’ve photographed people for a while, you know that nothing is quite as challenging as being a Boston child / toddler photographer.

Boston Public Gardens

Nothing is more classic than the gardens in Boston. It’s a great place to run free as well without worrying about cars, or bicycles. Being in the city, my main concerns are always safety as well as ugly backgrounds. The Gardens is thankfully free of any hazards and is the most beautifully landscaped place in the city. If you’re looking for manicured gardens, this is the place to have your photos taken. I’m here every week as it’s everyone’s favourite spot. Personally I’m into street art, architecture and derelict buildings, but hey.. that’s just me. I’ve tried a number of years to get people to shoot in alleyways, but I’ve only tricked five people so far – ha! I will be sharing a set from a more urban setting soon.

When parents choose a location or ask for suggestions, I always just tell them to pick someplace that’s meaningful or someplace that is their vibe. To me, location doesn’t matter as much as the dynamic of the family themselves. My photos from session-to-session are always driven by the family. It’s all about the light and the personality and even the outfits chosen. For a set that includes a more flowy, peaceful and less energetic vibe, have a look at this LINK. Same location and also at sunset, but it’s completely different. You never know what you’re going to get as a Boston Child photographer.

Boston Child Photographer

I hope you’ll love the images captured by me. I have to emphasize that this session was successful because of the parents. They kept up with their child and knew how to play and adapt. It was 100% teamwork throughout the hour. Only then could I get the images I am known for. Without their help there would have been no chance for these images. I love how it captured who they were as a family unit at this time in their lives. I have no idea how they keep up with him 24/7 but kudos to them. Please enjoy their images!

Family at boston public gardens
I always try for a classic photo at the start, but for this family it just didn’t happen that way.
Family at boston public gardens Boston Child photographer
The key to a successful family session is the willing and active participation of the parents.
Family at boston public gardens Boston Child photographer
Literally nothing is in our control when kids decide to run the show. It’s all about adapting and being quick with the shutter and composition.
Child at the Boston Public Gardens Boston Child photographer
He was on this bench for a split second. Then he moved on.
Child playing with parents at Boston Public Gardens
A great sense of humour is all I ask. I love sequences like this because that’s their child and their dynamic! That dad’s face says it all
Mom and son at Boston Public Garden Boston Child photographer
Parents are my lifeline during these sessions.
Family by pond at Boston Public Gardens Boston Child photographer
Family by pond at Boston Public Gardens
You have about 3 seconds to get a variety of images when they cooperate and look at you.
Willows at Boston Public Gardens and family
I had a moment to step back and get a setting shot.
Toddler and father at Boston Public Gardens
He sat there for 1/200th of a second. The parents were shocked I managed to snap a photo.
Birthday balloons at the Boston public gardens
For a split second his balloons made it into his birthday portraits. But like toddler sessions, balloons can be so unpredictable.
Balloon flying away at Boston gardens
buh-bye balloons!
child at boston public gardens
Parents were taking a quick break while I continued to chase him. I think I was starting to finally wear him out!
mom and son at Boston Public Gardens
A sweet moment that was half a second.
Dad and son at the gardens
Another half second later he laid down and his dad quickly scooted next to him.
Dad and son at the gardens
He tried to get away and that’s when the daddy magic and superhero happened and kicked into action
Dad and son at the gardens
I could not do this without playful and active parents
Parents and child at Boston Public Gardens Boston Child photographer
These hour-long sessions are about fractions of a second of cooperation throughout the hour.

Magic Light

Sunset and mom and child at Boston Public Gardens Boston Child photographer
The sun peeked out.
mom and son in boston public gardens Boston Child photographer
mom and son in boston public gardens
That lasted all of 3 seconds. And toddlers are back to being distracted. What a great mom who just knew how to handle all the energy with that gorgeous smile on her face the whole time. LOVE this family.
Sunset and dad, mom and child at Boston Public Gardens Boston Child photographer
it lasted for 2 minutes so we did a sequence to make the most of it. Dad quickly ran in. He was always at the ready for my prompts because he knew how fast he had to be to make these images happen. It is like a well-choreographed dance, or sporting event. There is no downtime during these sessions. If someone is on their phone, they’re not engaged and they’re not ready. He was ALWAYS ready.
Family at public gardens in Boston
The bench was our last hurrah. It was at the hour mark and everyone was drained but we all put in our last ounce of energy. Lots of outtakes
Family at public gardens in Boston
Family at public gardens in Boston
Love mom’s reaction to the lick! The things you’ll see as a Boston Child photographer
Family at public gardens in Boston
A quiet moment for mom and dad, but not for long!
Family at public gardens in Boston
And then it started to happen
Family at public gardens in Boston Boston Child photographer
This was it. THIS was the one photo the mom REALLY wanted. It FINALLY happened at the hour mark for the smallest of moments. The tiny hands placed gently on his father, their arms intertwined, their faces looking calm and happy and EVERYONE looking at the camera. This was this session’s money shot.
Family at public gardens in Boston
And then it quickly fell apart but the story isn’t done being told yet. But that’s why I always find it funny when parents say they only need one quick photo. If only your toddler was on the same page. So much goes into producing an image.
Family at public gardens in Boston Boston Child photographer
But this was my favourite image because his face and those hands and how his parents are looking lovingly at their rambunctious toddler. THIS is my hero image.

Favourite Family Photo

So it turns out the hero images for this set all happened in the last 15 seconds of the session when I think we FINALLY tired him out. Let’s say I slept well that night (and every night since I photograph toddlers almost every day). I never know when the moment will happen but I will be forever thankful for the trust these parents placed on me to capture their son in all his glory for his second birthday. They found me through a friend that also had an energetic toddler and knew that I was able to capture her light and energy. It’s definitely a skill to think fast on your feet with composition, camera settings and directing.

I love the make posts on sessions with a teaching angle so you can see the many variables I’m often presented. I don’t share only those peaceful, happy, posed sessions because those are maybe 5% of my sessions. It is best to share what sets me apart from the rest. So much goes into being a Boston Child photographer.

If you would like more information on booking a session with me, please check my pricing page and contact page.

Parking at the Gardens

Please note that parking is hard to come by near the gardens. The best bet is to arrive 20 minutes early and look for street parking, or underground parking. Please know sometimes the entrance is tricky (it’s on the right on a one way) so if you miss it, allow 7 minutes to circle the garden for another attempt. Once you’re underground it still takes about 10 minutes to walk out of the garage. The link to the Boston Commons Parking garage is HERE.

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